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  1. It's not a waste, and I'm sure a lot of people liked it. It's one of my favorite deluxes, just like Titania Empress. I don't play on consoles, I don't have access to tennogen directly from the store, so I couldn't care less about tennogen.
  2. Jesus Christ. Is it really THAT hard to read? Is it? Elder Scrolls Online has been using this system for some time now and I had no problem at all. You can claim through the chat or through the inventory page. It stays there for some time, until you claim it. I don't know how long it'll actually be with Warframe, but Elder Scrolls Online gave you 24 hours to claim your drops. I doubt it'll be less than that here. Open the stream, AFK, return, go to the inventory page, claim.
  3. It's a waste of time to explain anything to you, so I'll stop right here. You're making names up for things you don't like and drawing caricatures. It's essentially a strawman, in fact. Essentially.
  4. Let's see the definition of progression: the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state. "the normal progression from junior to senior status" I'd say we're definitely progressing with the mastery system.
  5. Then what is it? Mastery is necessary for unlocking new weapons, new daily standing limit, void trace storage, and story quests. Going through these things, getting stronger weapons, is not progression?
  6. CRINGE. What's with people and this word? Seriously. It's beyond ridiculous. I agree with you, op, it's looking pretty cool. I really liked Revenant's concept too. More than Ember's even.
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