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  1. Yeah. Apparently the ones willing to commit matricide are just a loud minority. Could've fooled me. I, on the other side, can't wait to save our third mom. That was a fun survey, OP. I'm always happy to see how eager everyone is to see more about the lore and quests in general. That's what got me into the game, so I can't get enough of it.
  2. Use the command /profile username in game. It's how I checked if Charlotte was available to be "given" to me. If the account is "dead", send a ticket asking for a name change and they'll change it for you, if you have the platinum.
  3. Do you know how many registered accounts World of Warcraft has? And how many active players? I suggest you search for it. Now, if all you have to deduce the death of a game is registered accounts, then we don't have much to discuss. You don't have inside numbers, you don't know Warframe situation as a business. You know jack S#&$, bro.
  4. And I can see your tin foil hat appearing. If you don't have official numbers, please refrain from spreading bullS#&$. You're just making yourself look even more ridiculous.
  5. Meh, I tried mining for a few minutes before getting tired of it. Then I decided to use the pillars, but it still took too much time. It's uncommon, but somehow I dropped rare gems more than twice as much. Necrathene is my nemesis.
  6. Time IS money. I spent hours getting the necrathenes to make my voidrig. If I was working, I could get the money to buy a few voidrigs easily. And I'm only talking about necrathenes. If someone tried to skip fortuna and cetus, you could add a few more hours. So no, it's not overpriced or a ripoff.
  7. You think things through before writing and sending? Damaged parts are worth nothing since you still need to farm the blueprints from the syndicate AND the materials. You know, like necrathene, scintillant, and a few hundred ores (and blueprints to use these ores) from different open worlds?
  8. You should take a break from ANYTHING if you're feeling bored. If it's not your job, then you can afford to. Now, I take breaks from Warframe, just like I take from Guild Wars 2 and Warcraft, which I took years and still don't feel like playing again. It just happens, it's nothing to go crazy about. But will you see me talking S#&$ about Warcraft's dungeons and raids design? No, because I haven't played it. OP is ranting about something he hasn't played because it doesn't fit the ridiculous "space ninja" fantasy in a goddamned science fiction that is now much more rich and vas
  9. Oh, yes. Because the only valid point of view is the constant outrage going on here and on Youtube. It's not like there's dozens of threads talking a bunch of nonsense and trash talking the devs, aye? There's only white knights and yes men, who are, of course, objetively wrong just because. Grow up and stop namecalling everything that goes against your ideas of good and right.
  10. You didn't explain how. It's quite easy to go around saying people should do stuff just because. And last I checked, Maroo's just a hub, not an open world.
  11. I have seen fairies and unicorns wandering around the rainforest here in Brazil. Do you believe me? No? Well, you can't PROVE their nonexistence. If you can't prove something, the default stance is to NOT believe that something. It's just how you can't convict someone without proof.
  12. Nothing like giving praises to companies like Ubisoft, Naughty Dog and CDPR, huh? After all, who cares about being abused and worked to mental exhaustion? Truly, the best of the best.
  13. For some reason my twitch account wasn't linked on the Warframe account management. When I linked again, the items were sent. Pretty strange, since I've been watching the livestreams lately without any issue.
  14. Oh, I see, I see. I've been there, but never got to the action. Should've used my chance to go all out at Blizzard for pissing on my class years ago.
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