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  1. UPDATE: While I didn't receive a response in inbox or on here, I just noticed that I do have the missing Neuroptics. So, thanks!
  2. So, I jumped into a Lith Survival Fissure. Thins were going well, got a Forma Blueprint at the 5 min mark, then a Chroma Prime Neuroptics at the 10! But then the host left and I found myself in this situation after migration... I went to find the access panel and well... Doesn't seem to work. I even tried breaking all that glass to reset the lock-down (the only solution I could find), but it was all Reinforced, so that was no good. I explored every inch of the area that I could access until... So, can I have my relics and/or rewards back? I already lost 30 minutes of time for basically nothing...
  3. Well, I got the inbox message. But no reward again. Is there some requirement I'm missing?
  4. We had the same issue. Sat at 99/100 for over an hour, no space team could get over 6 / 9 kill codes for any Murex
  5. So I dove in again, had my flotilla sit at 99/100 for over an hour. Tried to do 3 separate space missions, all got stuck at 6/9.
  6. I don't recall signing up to be in a beta. Like, I know when I beta-tested Fallout 76, it was a whole process. Did I skip that here?
  7. So, i just started Warframe a couple of weeks ago. I bought some platinum (more than I probably should 😅), grinded up a few Prime Warframes and weapons, even managed to finish my Railjack, all in time for Scarlet Spear... And I heard people complain since it launched, so tonight I thought, I'm gonna run this hard, see if it's just a matter of putting the grind in. Took top spot in my flotilla leaderboard for Space battles...and all I got was the emblem? Wasn't there supposed to be more? Why should I try? So now I have to ask, am I missing the point of this event?
  8. So this has happened to me twice now. I'm modding directly from the weapon, when the entire mod menu becomes unresponsive. I cannot Esc, I cannot EXIT, I cannot go to AYATAN TREASURES. The only interactable UI option is the player and squad options at the top left corner, however, if i select the plus sign, I get the attached message I have not entered a flotilla in the instance here. I haven't been in the Scarlet Spear Relay since day 1 and have logged in and out multiple times since then. NOTE: I'd love to include the image, but the forum rejects both Dropbox and Google Drive image link for inserting. https://www.dropbox.com/s/687rmgjtqraitca/WarframeFlotillaBug.JPG?dl=0
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