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  1. Wait, what? *Goes off and does the Nihil fight next go.* Thank you Alanww. Okay. This game. I like that they put a shortcut to the fight. But why in the name of the Lotus would a game do that, and not tell you about it? And then let you re-enter the whole damned sequence the way you did last time?
  2. I love that there are Tenno who really enjoyed this fight. That's pretty cool. I've seen Tenno who thought the fight was so easy that it was impossible to fail. (I have to disagree on that.) Hand on heart, I suck at platforming. I get around the games tile sets at reasonable speeds, but that is a hard won skill from repetition; learning the tiles; and understanding the mechanics of the game. This is a me problem, I don't blame anyone else for it, and am happy to take the time to git gud. For example, the final part of Octavia's Anthem took me just under 3 hours because I suck at platformi
  3. Hi Lufy, welcome back! I agree with pretty much all of the above answers. The system chart, bosses, archwing, railjack are all doable solo. The only thing I think I can add, is that learning some of the systems with a group made that learning easier. (I'm thinking of the eidolon hunts and railjack.) Once I understood what was going on, they became just as easy, or easier solo.
  4. Thank you WeeDao. I checked the pillars about eight hundred times, but always face on, where the white on white was invisible to me.
  5. Yeah, the season 2 intermission was the first time I'd maxed out prestige ranks. I didn't realise that was the anomaly and this one would stop at 60. (I'd have made some very different purchasing decisions along the way.)
  6. Found this bug again on the 12th of October in the one whole mission I ran of Pavlov in the last few weeks.
  7. This isn't a game breaking bug, its just that Eudico's head shutters are closed. I miss her freckles. :p I see this bug has been reported on PC too.
  8. Ooh nice. I'm pumped for punk rock princess prime, and even older man winter. And the longer than usual previous unvaulting was welcome. (I got a bit distracted with Deimos stuff for a good long time there.)
  9. I've had this problem too with my Sly Vulpaphyla. I tried taking the poor thing out to the Plains of Eidolon and using the vasca virus curative, but it's not selectable from the gear wheel. (Presumably because I don't have a kavat companion equipped. Adding the curative to the gear wheel itself, let me cure it. This isn't a harmful bug, just an annoying one.
  10. Hi, I was using Limbo Prime and the most recent update was Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 6 (I think). The bug is that upon exiting a void rift, my warframe would continue to slide in the direction that it exited the void rift. It didn't matter what direction the warframe was facing, the slide was fixed relative to the map. (If the map had a north point I'd try and describe it as a fixed bearing from north). I had most of the control over the warframe, I could change my facing; attack; dodge and kind of move; but nothing I could do from the warframe cancelled the slide. The level geometry didn't
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