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  1. I've had this problem too with my Sly Vulpaphyla. I tried taking the poor thing out to the Plains of Eidolon and using the vasca virus curative, but it's not selectable from the gear wheel. (Presumably because I don't have a kavat companion equipped. Adding the curative to the gear wheel itself, let me cure it. This isn't a harmful bug, just an annoying one.
  2. Hi, I was using Limbo Prime and the most recent update was Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 6 (I think). The bug is that upon exiting a void rift, my warframe would continue to slide in the direction that it exited the void rift. It didn't matter what direction the warframe was facing, the slide was fixed relative to the map. (If the map had a north point I'd try and describe it as a fixed bearing from north). I had most of the control over the warframe, I could change my facing; attack; dodge and kind of move; but nothing I could do from the warframe cancelled the slide. The level geometry didn't
  3. Excellent. I've been looking forward to trying the steel path. The fixes are all welcome too. The slingshot bug was the one I've been running into the most.
  4. I'll be honest. I like the newest approach to rivens. The most powerful/popular weapons don't need help from rivens to do their thing. Starting newly released weapons at minimum disposition makes all kinds of sense. Being new, they are going to be popular as a novelty. Time will tell how popular they remain. And it reduces wild fluctuation in value of their rivens. And regular updates to disposition can only be a good thing for all weapons, but the new ones in particular as they find their 'level'.
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