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  1. Inaros is one of my favorite frames ever but he is one of the frames that needs some love so I have made this hope you like it! _________________ remove energy let inaros use his health for abilities and buff his sprint speed. Stat change: Base: 1.10 sprint speed, Prime: 1.20 sprint speed (Reason: with energy gone inaros would be so much better and with better speed he would be more fun) ___________________ Let his passive damage scale off melee mods. (Reason: this way his passive could scale) ___________________ 3rd ability now move at 1.25 i
  2. Yes yes yes.... I love this Also..... VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!!!
  3. Plz DE steel path maybe? PS. VIVA LA REVOLUTION
  4. I former president of the United states of America, Obama Care will be done with the Forums and warframe for a while.
  5. Yo guess who got chat banned for his name THIS GUY!!!!!
  6. I just got chat banned and all i said was "Hello my fellow Americans" WHAT IN THE FLIP FRACK SNICK SNACK is this DE Do you not love me former president of the United states of America Obama Care?
  7. I dont know if they do or not can you guys tell me.
  8. Red was not the imposters Well I know how this looks my fellow Americans but it was not me I am not the Impostor I am Obama I was in Electrical
  9. Hello my fellow Americans I love ASTOLFO. I am sorry to admit but I like anime boys thats why I cant be imposter cause i was downloading ASTOLFO "pictures" thats why i did not kill blue so its red. RED SUS
  10. Hello my fellow Americans it is me Obama now my last rework was a shield tank Feost this one is going to be a armor tank Frost so lets start. BASS STATS: 350 armor, 100 energy, 150 health, 100 shield, .95 sprint speed PRIME STATS: 450 armor, 125 energy, 150 health, 100 shield, .95 sprint speed PASSIVE: for every enemy frozen frost reduces his temperature making his abilities more effective ICE WAVE: augment built in all enemies hit are frozen. Drain 40, damage 700, wave width 3m, wave length 20m, angle 45° slow duration 15s (augment ICY EXPLOSION cast
  11. Whose excited about prime vault tomorrow!!
  12. Redirection, stretch and fast deflection Would be my Choice for the new batch what about you guys!
  13. Hey guys im thinking about giving other ability ideas for his 2.
  14. Hello again its me Obama and I have heard how alot of you want Frost to be a armor tank I want to give my reasoning for having him be a shield tank in this rework 1. We have alot of armor tanks. 2. Frost was the original shield tank. 3. There aren't many shield tanks in warframe right now and making him one would spice up diversity in warframe. 4. Shields are a viable option now since the shield rework awhile back. 5. I just personally want him to be a shield tank. I know armor tanks are more popular and more effective without arcanes but with arcanes shields are really good they can comp
  15. Hello me again i know alot of you want frost to be a armor tank but IMO I think we have to many of those thats why I want him to be a shield tank Though shields are not as effective as armor and health they are still good and this rework will make frost a very good tank.
  16. Hello me again I think we could use some new prime mods and I have 3 mods I think would be perfect candidates STRETCH REDIRECTION FAST DEFLECTION
  17. Hello lovelies it is me again and how come we have Umbral Vitality but no primed Redirection yet just imagine a maxed Primed Redirection giving 660% max shields it would be amazing plz DE do it. As always have a gorgeous day.
  18. I am so excited about Nezha prime i have been saving up just to buy him and his accessories.
  19. Hello it is me that desperate Frost main with a another Frost post as we know Frost is in need of a overhaul and I have a good one for you today it affects all of his problems from his lackluster stats to his lackluster abilities so let's start! STATS base Frost: armor 300, energy 150, health 100, shield 175, sprint speed .95 Frost prime: armor 300, energy 200, health 100, shield 200, sprint speed 1.00 REASONS: frost his warframes original shield tank so i increased his shields to be better in todays warframe and he is a caster CC so the energy will help him immensely.
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