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  1. The new Muciber Knee Plate armor does not seem to align correctly with many Warframe’s models. In many cases, the center of the armor piece is not touching the leg at all.
  2. There’s not just a divide in maximum strength of weapons, but a divide in the amount of grind to reach that max strength. These changes, as they are, only worsen that divide. If I could suggest one thing, new arcanes should add +5 mod capacity per rank, and the new mods should cost as much endo to rank up as if they had only 5 ranks. Melee weapons only need 1 or 2 forma, if any, for a good build because they have stances to give us extra mod capacity. Ranged weapons don’t have anything like that, and now you’re introducing more high-capacity mods which demand even more forma to fit into our builds. On top of that, considering their max rank of 10, I’m expecting they'll cost over 30,000 endo each to rank up. I understand why Warframe has to make us grind for most things, and I largely enjoy that process, but an intense grind that only serves to bring ranged weapons up to par with power we already have in the form of ranged weapons isn’t fair and thus isn’t enticing.
  3. Sometimes after you’ve attempt a hacking console once, (fail or succeed) you lose the ability to interact with it again until you extract. This makes any spy bounty that uses that console later uncompletable. This happens at both the enrichment labs and central maintenance.
  4. Is there any word on the removal of the “This room has child components” error message when we try to delete a room? This really limits the ability to rearrange the floorplan of my dojo.
  5. The devs have said on stream that they think it doesn’t, and even that “They’d like to see it if it was possible” It is possible. Don’t apologize, I want as many people as possible to at least be aware the controller has the capability that’s not being taken advantage of.
  6. (This post is admittedly overdue because it references a twitch stream that’s over a month old by now) On 1/11/21, Megan hosted an stream where someone asked about adding motion aiming, like the switch, to other platforms. Her response was along the lines of “I’d like to see it, but it all depends on the controller and the capabilites” This creates the impression that the devs simply aren’t aware the PS5 has a better gyroscope than the switch (which I don’t blame them for), and would add the feature if they were. I would love to see DE become a leader in providing this option to PS5 players rather than just implementing it to appease Switch playerbase. Can we try to create more of a push from the community for this?
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