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  1. So as the title states I've found some bugs I want to shed into the light on the forums for you guys at DE however under the bug report tap PC bugs is selectable but xbox Playstation and switch are all grayed out and unselectable. Just a heads up ;)
  2. So I found a bug where if your in the relic section after the wave to the next wave and u try to radiant another relic after you've picked a relic already the game gets stuck in a please wait overlay screen and the player cannot move, hit start, anything.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4157489490965591&id=100001137448967
  4. I'm looking at it right now If I click on it it says already purchased tried to take a picture on my phone but can't link the pic
  5. So I've got the baro ticket for the tennocon digital pack however baro is nowhere to be seen at the relay...
  6. Yeah that Nerf on its dmg output was really outta the blue. Super stoked to get it and now that I look at its stats I'm really debating calling it a day out of disappointment. De what's the point in bringing out a "new/upgraded version of something" that's in "harder" content. And make it worse than it's original? I get the 2.0 increase to crit and status. Nerfing the firerate for the instant windup makes sense too. But that much of a hit on its damage outputs makes it kind of a waste. It's like having an old reliable 100% wooden table and replacing it with a new marble top table but with cardboard legs...
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