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  1. Passive ability shield error the shield of this frame can have any capacity (1 to 1,000,000) and this number will change if it takes damage or is depleted. Ability 1 Neurax: the frame launches some part from inside it at the target this has the corosive effect. Ability 2 Not responding: the shield explodes doing damage based on its capacity and the shield will recharge 4 times as fast. Ability 3 Uck Gross: the frame dissasembles and travels x distance towards the cursor dealing x damage to EVERYTHING in the way (teammates enemies cover objects people being guarded) this has the corosive attribute. Ability 4 Random: this is a random ability from any other warframe.
  2. I think that a healer that heals better by doing damage which is shown by a bar(like the mag's) would be cool and it's abilities would get stronger more the bar is full but the abilities drain the bar when used.
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