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  1. How about Kuva Lich Clam? Make new mini-qwest, like "A Man of Few Words", where Clem learns about the Lich and wants to become one. Let's replace Lichen with Clem, they will modify him, but they will find out about this and put him in prison, from where we will save him and take his new weapon (Twin Grakats Kuva). In the future, it will be Clem Lich with Darvo, In the future, it will be Clem Lich who will stand with Darvo, and we can get the Lich Clem by calling Clone Clem and replacing Lichen. But here we are already free to kill or capture. And of course, he will learn a new word: Kuva! "Clem! Grakata! Kuva!" Or Special Kuva Lich, which will bear the names of the developers or something like that. We will receive them by promotional codes or events.
  2. Hi all! I want to buy Kuva Lich in full mask (like on photo). Only toxin damage! Weapon: Kuva Kohm, Kuva Quartakk, Kuva Nukor, Kuva Chakkhurr or Kuva Shildeg. The price will consist of %. For the "vanity" or "trophy hunter" quirk, I'll give you another 100 platinum. IGN: anarhist41, Discord: AnArhisT41#8621. P.S. Sorry for my language.
  3. IGN: anarhist41 Discord: AnArhisT41#8621
  4. I am looking for Kuva Liches, which will be similar to these in the photo. Write here or in the game, we will agree.
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