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  1. Will you create a primed version for warfan? Every kind of weapons has primed version weapons except warfan marchete, whip and blade-whip (even nunchaku has the ninkondi prime!). Some of these weapons (kinds of weapons that I mentioned ) actually are Tennos'. I'm wondering whether you will make primed versions for 'em. best wishes (ignore my grammar and spelling I'm not a native speaker LOL)
  2. 请问以后会出武扇prim版本吗?所有的武器种类除了武扇 砍刀 鞭 和 剑鞭都有至少一把prime武器。一些武器事实上就是tenno派系的。一些武器本身还有它们的架势都是非常吸引人的·。希望以后的prime武器中能见到这几类武器的身影
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