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  1. im definitely going to add more to the list, its just that my head is a little deep fried and my fingers a little too tired
  2. So as a warframe player with 2 years of play time who adores melee weapons and wants to experiment with the games abundant mechanics I cannot find any tangible evidence or any solid reason or benefit as to why I should even be using warframes aerial attacks/mods/and features. Yes, I do know that wisp can just bunny hop and that is an exsisting mechanic to build off of, yes I understand that exodia epidemic can be used with chroma's new passive, yes I know that Vitrica can glass enemies and destroy them. But I always find myself going down same path everytime... why de we have so many aerial
  3. Very obviously blind justice. Just take a look at those combos. When you check the fandom many of the attacks In all combos have forced slash procs. Not only that but it has a pretty fast default speed for a combo. Decisive judgement was appreciated more earlier because it was brain dead easy to do the combos. I also forgot to mention that only blind justice has a lifted proc on slide attacks NO other stance. It’s guard+forward combo synergises well with some slam Exodia arcanes if you’re using zaw nikanas. Trust me I use my saw nikana with blind justice all the time. Even though i have the ot
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