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  1. oh dear, if we get umbral stretch. octavia will have even larger map wide nuking, or saryn for that matter
  2. I love this idea too, it would be a great way to balance the umbra frames, and it can be a great way to tie in some quests and lore.
  3. "honestly i dont understand this UMBRA> PRIME mentality ive been reading recently they are side grades and parallels to the primes , both have advantages and disadvantages for various reasons " considering that they have higher stats then the original(basic warframes) and most likely umbral polarities on for free, and an improved skill(based on radial blind changing to radial howl), and the sentience passive or something similar it kinda does give more than a prime can, and considering its a quest. you wont have to go farming for relics but thats what I thought, I ass
  4. yeah i can see that as a good point since uh, umbras are just better primes which can kill the whole relic thing, but i love that umbra skin idea!
  5. So just recently I was browsing around some warframe videos until I saw one made by "grind hard squad" about potential umbra warframes. At first I thought they were thinking about trying to get umbra variants as a thing. That was until, I learned that more umbra warframes are going to be worked on by the team(not any time soon though). The video I watched said that warframes which has a memory associated with them and a questline could potentially work(based on how they brought Umbra excalibur) So I think an umbra chroma will be nice for two reasons: reason: 1. it goes into the lo
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