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  1. "I'm fine," Suno said a bit dismissively. She took the extended hand and hauled herself up. "I think we should wipe these jerks out before they become a problem later," she said, aiming the scope of her Komorex down into the chasm and taking a deep breath. "We'll get picked off one by one if we split up down here, remember? Those infested were probably hibernating. My bet is that either the Corpus or our new friends woke them up." Through the inky darkness, she caught enough of a glimpse of one of the monsters to take aim at one of its heads and opened fire with explosive rounds.
  2. The creature didn't really have a soul, but it was the thought that counted. The beast was not flung, but it was shoved. And that shove was enough to throw the thing over the edge. Suno scrambled out from under it as it went tipped over on a one-way trip to the bottom.
  3. Hearing her comrades mention trying to push the beast off the ledge, Suno activated mass vitrify. There was no aiming the skill with limited use of her arms, but it might glass the critter's legs and make it easier to shove around.
  4. Suno followed Kacilius under the creature and fired a couple shots into its belly, forgetting that the Komorex was an explosive weapon and blasting herself into the ground. Now she was stuck underneath the thing, which was great, and fun, and a good time all around. The creature was reeling from damaged pincers and a wounded eye, and let out a shriek that shook the cave walls and caused stalactites to rain down on the Tenno. Distracted by Kacilius’ and Suno’s respective gambits, it took the time to drop the considerable weight of its wounded belly on top of the hapless Suno and slashed wi
  5. Suno ducked behind Anak as the fiery blast punished the bug-things. They didn’t seem to be particularly fond of the fire, and the survivors fled the battle. Suno wondered if there was some type advantage nonsense going on. She wondered about her own element. Void/Earth? What was Void/Earth weak to? What was it strong against? As she ruminated on video game analogies, a particularly large specimen tore through the ceiling and plopped unceremoniously inside the perimeter of the barrier, making a horrible squelch as it landed. Instead of pulsating green, its abdomen was glowing a fierce whit
  6. First things first, Suno threw down a waypoint and forwarded their coordinates to Vlad and Kacillus. Over Corpus communications, Dante would hear a mysterious sound. It was almost musical, but it didn’t seem to obey any of the general principles behind musical creation. It held no consistent tempo, and it had no consistent rhythm, but small chunks of it felt consistent. Anak’s fireball illuminated the next good chunk of the cave. As the fireball travelled down the tunnel, the musical sound Dante was listening in on reached a dissonant crescendo. At this bizarre climax, Suno felt lik
  7. The bird, satisfied in its victory, but rather unsatisfied with how much energy it had expended to achieve it, flew off in search of more edible targets instead of painfully armed sardines. The ice ball bounced on the ground where the Garuda had disappeared uneventfully. Apparently the ground was not interested in visitors. It didn’t even bounce hollowly, it just sort of made a dull “thud.” There was no reverberation; the ground had closed up entirely. “Is Kacillus going to be okay, or do you need to escort him to extraction?” Suno asked. “We need to get a move on before the Garuda t
  8. The burning of fire and glistening of ice finally illuminated the warframe. It was a Garuda type, standard colors, outer shell badly damaged and warped but still recognizable. Suno was glad to have not been immediately impaled on its talons, but couldn’t help but wonder why a Tenno as fearsome as this would even bother getting up close to their targets. It struggled frantically, twisting and turning its joints in unnatural directions against the ice and making all manner of odd sounds, before ultimately going limp in the grasp of ice. Suno wondered briefly if this could be considered
  9. and of course, even though this has been fast-paced by my standards so far, I'm okay with there being time between people's posts as long as it's not more than, say, 5 days or so? Does that sound fair? I don't know how fast-paced you expect it to be, which is more important to me than my expectations. I have too much time on my hands right now, so it doesn't matter if things go fast or slow to me, personally. I'm also considering starting a discord for our roleplay, just so we can brainstorm together and stuff. Let me know if that sounds interesting. If we're all on board with it, I'll PM
  10. I understand! And the party is basically split right now, so I'm not going to be persnickety because of that. Like, if a post I make only applies to the cave squad, I don't expect you to reply to it unless things get way too out of sync.
  11. I would like to add that I do prefer everyone to respond in some way after I make a post, even if only to indicate that your character isn't doing anything this "round". And of course if you have any issues at all, feel free to PM me or post here.
  12. [Post 2/2] Suno mumbled something inaudible, double-checking her Komorex. “Fine, but I don’t have to like it,” she said, more loudly. She cast shards on herself and started the trek down into the caves. The eerie whooshing of air blasted through the caves again, making Suno jump. “Dammit! What the hell is that?” Then the warframe jumped on her. Even though she was keeping her eyes on the ceiling, the warframe seemed to have gotten above and behind her somehow. Suno was slippery though, and as soon as she felt the weight press down on her back, she ducked and pivoted, serving a fist
  13. [Post 1/2, will post again tomorrow for the cave squad] Perhaps the bird was sharper than Vlad and Kacillus were giving it credit for. It did notice Kacillus vanish, although it had no idea what to make of it other than “DANGER!” It was otherwise unimpressed with Kacillus’ increase of velocity. Thick, armor-like feathers caught the arrows in their bulk, though clearly the bird was not a fan of carrying the arrows with it. It flapped its wings downward, propelling itself higher into the sky in another attempt to destabilize the Tenno in flight and scatter the smaller, lighter combat d
  14. Anak’s fireball illuminated the dark cave. It was not, indeed, a raknoid, it was something else, something humanoid. It was a Warframe. Suno couldn’t quite make out what model it was, but it again skittered deeper into the cave, crab-walking on the ceiling as though it were a 3d model stretched over the wrong skeleton. “What the hell?” Suno whispered. "Are we following that?"
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