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  1. The marks appeared and quickly disappeared from the HUD. "Biz, the marks you gave us are bogus," Suno whined. “This is strange. They should be directly tied to their specific lifesigns. If they aren’t functioning…” there was a second of silence. “They’re dead, somehow. Get out of there, this is a wash.” “I don’t get paid for failed missions,” Suno stubbornly insisted. Silence from the radio ensued. “Biz, are you there?” Biz was not there. Instead the eerie music from earlier played over the comms, drowning out everything else. Suno was a little unnerved. She readied her Komorex and peered into the Corpus facility. The Garuda warframe peered back from inside. “Oh, not you again,” Suno complained, taking aim immediately. The Garuda’s armor was cracked and battered and large chunks of it seemed to be stitched together with ethereal tentacles. It looked like it should be falling apart, but something was keeping it alive. Even though it looked just as awkward as it had before, it gave off an aura of desperation and determination. In a stomach-churning display of power, it summoned its talons. Talon after shining, tentacular talon slid out from its flesh and filled the air, dozens chasing down each Tenno. Talons also blasted out of the inside of the facility, some dragging along hapless Corpus corpses from inside with them. There were more talons than there was oxygen down here. This creature had no intention of losing here, in the depths, on its own turf. Instinctively, Suno cast her shards on herself and her allies, holding the talons at bay, but just barely, and only for now. She fired several shots, but all were intercepted by the damned talons filling the air with the efficiency of billowing fumes. Damn them!
  2. The combined efforts of the Tenno eviscerated the Lephantis. Infested gore filled the air and rained down on them. It was disgusting. Biz’s voice came over the communicator. Suno sighed. She really didn’t want to deal with him. “What the devil is happening out there? Give me a status report!” Suno really didn’t want to give him a status report, so she outsourced it to the people least able to give an accurate status report. “You heard the man, give him a status report,” she told the Grineer over the comms. Looking around, she could tell the walls belonged to the sunken bottom of a corpus facility. Were these escaped lab experiments? Or was this the lab? Either way, she found a weak point in the wall and kicked it down, gaining access to the facility. “Alright, Biz. We’re in. Give us our marks.” After some grumbling from Biz, the data on four targets showed up on the Tenno’s HUDs.
  3. “I really @#$&ing don’t wanna down there, but…” Suno mumbled to herself, an unfortunate series of events forming in her mind. Now was not the time for hesitation. Now was the time for sick moves that would get you killed. She took careful aim through the scope of the Komorex, trying to determine at least one Lephantis’ exact position, and, once she was satisfied with her target, hurled herself off the cliff, throwing down a glass ramp as she went to reduce the impact at the bottom. She flipped off the ramp, raising the dreaded zaw Pickle Slicer above her head, and spun her body vertically to embed the blade directly through the center of one of the Lephanti’s heads and cleave through its flesh on her trip down to the floor of the cavern. Upon reaching the floor, she cast a small barrier around herself and Kacillius in hopes that it would deter any nasty infested projectiles if nothing else. She then switched her Komorex out of sniping mode and started taking pot-shots at the things’ heads.
  4. "I'm fine," Suno said a bit dismissively. She took the extended hand and hauled herself up. "I think we should wipe these jerks out before they become a problem later," she said, aiming the scope of her Komorex down into the chasm and taking a deep breath. "We'll get picked off one by one if we split up down here, remember? Those infested were probably hibernating. My bet is that either the Corpus or our new friends woke them up." Through the inky darkness, she caught enough of a glimpse of one of the monsters to take aim at one of its heads and opened fire with explosive rounds.
  5. The creature didn't really have a soul, but it was the thought that counted. The beast was not flung, but it was shoved. And that shove was enough to throw the thing over the edge. Suno scrambled out from under it as it went tipped over on a one-way trip to the bottom.
  6. Hearing her comrades mention trying to push the beast off the ledge, Suno activated mass vitrify. There was no aiming the skill with limited use of her arms, but it might glass the critter's legs and make it easier to shove around.
  7. Suno followed Kacilius under the creature and fired a couple shots into its belly, forgetting that the Komorex was an explosive weapon and blasting herself into the ground. Now she was stuck underneath the thing, which was great, and fun, and a good time all around. The creature was reeling from damaged pincers and a wounded eye, and let out a shriek that shook the cave walls and caused stalactites to rain down on the Tenno. Distracted by Kacilius’ and Suno’s respective gambits, it took the time to drop the considerable weight of its wounded belly on top of the hapless Suno and slashed wildly at the surrounding area in hopes of warding off its attackers.
  8. In the back room of Fortuna, Biz directed the various brats to set up chairs and tables for whatever Tenno might show up to the Solaris' little event. It seemed not many had answered the call yet, perhaps due to a lack of concrete information, perhaps due to a surplus of adventure elsewhere. However, Suno owed Eudico a couple favors, so she was "supervising." All she was really doing was sitting in the corner absently gazing at the steam rising up off the cup of coffee she had no intention of coming out of her Gara warframe to drink. It was probably bitter, soon it would be cold too. She might be more inclined to indulge if it was alcohol rather than coffee, but you can't be drunk on an operation. You could be more inclined to take out aggression than strictly necessary, and for a Tenno as repressed as she there was a lot of pent up aggression to take out. That was how the milk carton incident happened, after all. No, no booze, no coffee, no nothing. Just a brown puddle of bean water and too many memories for her brain to sort through properly. They seemed to bubble to the surface of the coffee in an incoherent deluge of faces and names all disconnected from one another. It was getting harder and harder to even want to sort out dreams from reality, She wanted to doze off and forget all the troubles. Indeed if it were not for the pestering of her cephalon, she would pilot her ship out into the void and sit there alone until supplies got too low. Even so, favors were owed, respect was had, the wheels of the social order that kept all hominids from going completely insane kept turning. She couldn't just disappear because of the damnable feelings that connected her to the other intelligences across the system. She found herself raising the cup of coffee to nonexistent lips, earning a chuckle from the little gremlins Eudico had roped into "helping" if it could be called that. They were almost as easily distracted as she was, stopping their work to skag it up for a good five minutes at a time until someone dismissed them. The number of helpers was steadily dwindling for that very reason. They weren't even expected to work for a solid hour, and only expected to do any light labor at all because the adult Solaris were too busy either looking for their missing fellows or going through their daily labors. Missing fellows were what this was all about, after all. Around the central holo-display stood Eudico, Biz, Little Duck, and a worried looking Corpus crewman. An informant, no doubt. The recent disappearances affected everyone, laborers and soldiers alike, and money could buy only so much silence, even from a Corpus. Suno knew in broad strokes what Eudico knew: there was some unseen predator disappearing people in the Vallis and their job was to find out what it was. The first phase would surely be to infiltrate a Corpus facility and nab one of their eggheads, make him talk. How he talked would determine what happened next. She gave up on coffee reading and turned to the entrance to the back room, staring at it with the same vacant insistence she had been using to sort through her liquid demons. If anyone else was coming, they'd have to come through that door, barring any creepy void horse pucky.
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