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  1. The marks appeared and quickly disappeared from the HUD.

    "Biz, the marks you gave us are bogus," Suno whined.

    “This is strange. They should be directly tied to their specific lifesigns. If they aren’t functioning…” there was a second of silence. “They’re dead, somehow. Get out of there, this is a wash.”

    “I don’t get paid for failed missions,” Suno stubbornly insisted. Silence from the radio ensued. “Biz, are you there?”

    Biz was not there. Instead the eerie music from earlier played over the comms, drowning out everything else. Suno was a little unnerved. She readied her Komorex and peered into the Corpus facility. 

    The Garuda warframe peered back from inside.

    “Oh, not you again,” Suno complained, taking aim immediately. 

    The Garuda’s armor was cracked and battered and large chunks of it seemed to be stitched together with ethereal tentacles. It looked like it should be falling apart, but something was keeping it alive. Even though it looked just as awkward as it had before, it gave off an aura of desperation and determination.

    In a stomach-churning display of power, it summoned its talons. Talon after shining, tentacular talon slid out from its flesh and filled the air, dozens chasing down each Tenno. Talons also blasted out of the inside of the facility, some dragging along hapless Corpus corpses from inside with them. There were more talons than there was oxygen down here. This creature had no intention of losing here, in the depths, on its own turf.

    Instinctively, Suno cast her shards on herself and her allies, holding the talons at bay, but just barely, and only for now. She fired several shots, but all were intercepted by the damned talons filling the air with the efficiency of billowing fumes.

    Damn them!

  2. The combined efforts of the Tenno eviscerated the Lephantis. Infested gore filled the air and rained down on them. It was disgusting.

    Biz’s voice came over the communicator. Suno sighed. She really didn’t want to deal with him.

    “What the devil is happening out there? Give me a status report!”

    Suno really didn’t want to give him a status report, so she outsourced it to the people least able to give an accurate status report.

    “You heard the man, give him a status report,” she told the Grineer over the comms.

    Looking around, she could tell the walls belonged to the sunken bottom of a corpus facility. Were these escaped lab experiments? Or was this the lab? Either way, she found a weak point in the wall and kicked it down, gaining access to the facility.

    “Alright, Biz. We’re in. Give us our marks.”

    After some grumbling from Biz, the data on four targets showed up on the Tenno’s HUDs.

  3. “I really @#$&ing don’t wanna down there, but…” Suno mumbled to herself, an unfortunate series of events forming in her mind. Now was not the time for hesitation. Now was the time for sick moves that would get you killed.

    She took careful aim through the scope of the Komorex, trying to determine at least one Lephantis’ exact position, and, once she was satisfied with her target, hurled herself off the cliff, throwing down a glass ramp as she went to reduce the impact at the bottom. She flipped off the ramp, raising the dreaded zaw Pickle Slicer above her head, and spun her body vertically to embed the blade directly through the center of one of the Lephanti’s heads and cleave through its flesh on her trip down to the floor of the cavern.

    Upon reaching the floor, she cast a small barrier around herself and Kacillius in hopes that it would deter any nasty infested projectiles if nothing else. She then switched her Komorex out of sniping mode and started taking pot-shots at the things’ heads.

  4. "I'm fine," Suno said a bit dismissively. She took the extended hand and hauled herself up.

    "I think we should wipe these jerks out before they become a problem later," she said, aiming the scope of her Komorex down into the chasm and taking a deep breath. "We'll get picked off one by one if we split up down here, remember? Those infested were probably hibernating. My bet is that either the Corpus or our new friends woke them up."

    Through the inky darkness, she caught enough of a glimpse of one of the monsters to take aim at one of its heads and opened fire with explosive rounds.


    15 hours ago, WolfmanX9 said:

    Dante then got an idea so crazy that it might work. He holster his current weapons, dash, bullet jump and rolled his way toward the beast. Once he was less than a meter away from said creature, he moved his right arm back, clutched his fist, charge it with his energy to then cast his soul punch ability right at the face of the creature while yelling "Soooul punch!", sending a violent surge of shadow void energy through his arm to the end of his fist. This caused a shadow image of the creature's soul to briefly pop out before it vanished. 

    Either this crazy plan of his worked and said beast was flung over the edge or he was in for a world of pain.

    The creature didn't really have a soul, but it was the thought that counted. The beast was not flung, but it was shoved. And that shove was enough to throw the thing over the edge. Suno scrambled out from under it as it went tipped over on a one-way trip to the bottom.

  6. Hearing her comrades mention trying to push the beast off the ledge, Suno activated mass vitrify. There was no aiming the skill with limited use of her arms, but it might glass the critter's legs and make it easier to shove around.

  7. Suno followed Kacilius under the creature and fired a couple shots into its belly, forgetting that the Komorex was an explosive weapon and blasting herself into the ground. Now she was stuck underneath the thing, which was great, and fun, and a good time all around.

    The creature was reeling from damaged pincers and a wounded eye, and let out a shriek that shook the cave walls and caused stalactites to rain down on the Tenno. Distracted by Kacilius’ and Suno’s respective gambits, it took the time to drop the considerable weight of its wounded belly on top of the hapless Suno and slashed wildly at the surrounding area in hopes of warding off its attackers.

  8. Suno ducked behind Anak as the fiery blast punished the bug-things. They didn’t seem to be particularly fond of the fire, and the survivors fled the battle. Suno wondered if there was some type advantage nonsense going on. She wondered about her own element. Void/Earth? What was Void/Earth weak to? What was it strong against?

    As she ruminated on video game analogies, a particularly large specimen tore through the ceiling and plopped unceremoniously inside the perimeter of the barrier, making a horrible squelch as it landed. Instead of pulsating green, its abdomen was glowing a fierce white, and its cluster of crimson eyes stood in front of a grossly undulating cranium. It brandished sharp pincers on its front legs and stood at around 2.5 meters tall.

    There was only one thing for Suno to do: cast Spectrorage and start shooting. The combination of bursting Komorex shots and the supernatural hall of mirrors gave the thing pause, but the opening would be brief!

  9. First things first, Suno threw down a waypoint and forwarded their coordinates to Vlad and Kacillus.

    Over Corpus communications, Dante would hear a mysterious sound. It was almost musical, but it didn’t seem to obey any of the general principles behind musical creation. It held no consistent tempo, and it had no consistent rhythm, but small chunks of it felt consistent. 

    Anak’s fireball illuminated the next good chunk of the cave. As the fireball travelled down the tunnel, the musical sound Dante was listening in on reached a dissonant crescendo. At this bizarre climax, Suno felt like something was reaching into her mind, indeed, trying to reach into all of their minds. It was weak, like a dying old man’s hand, but its presence was undeniable.

    As she looked in the illuminated direction, clutching her forehead, music reaching its peak all at once, the damnable blasts of air also returned, not one at a time but dozens at once. The walls came alive and poured out dozens of things that looked like Raknoids. These things were living, rather than mechanical, however, with green pulsating abdomens and clusters of crimson eyes that pierced the inky darkness.

    What are they? Suno wondered. They were not infested, they were clearly not any wildlife she had seen before on any planet. Another relic from beyond time? From beyond… what? She threw up a glass barrier as far out as she could, hoping to buy time, but they simply crawled over it, using their own bodies as ladders like army ants.

    “Vlad, Kacillus, If you’re there, we could really use some backup!” Suno called frantically. “We have... something? We're having something problems! What the hell are these things? Should we run?”

  10. The bird, satisfied in its victory, but rather unsatisfied with how much energy it had expended to achieve it, flew off in search of more edible targets instead of painfully armed sardines.

    The ice ball bounced on the ground where the Garuda had disappeared uneventfully. Apparently the ground was not interested in visitors. It didn’t even bounce hollowly, it just sort of made a dull “thud.” There was no reverberation; the ground had closed up entirely.

    “Is Kacillus going to be okay, or do you need to escort him to extraction?” Suno asked. “We need to get a move on before the Garuda that attacked us comes back. It didn’t seem overwhelmingly powerful, but it could attack from anywhere. If Kacillus can walk or if you can carry him you can probably catch up pretty quickly. Either way, you need to get a move on or you might be stuck fighting that Warframe alone, possibly with baggage.”

  11. The burning of fire and glistening of ice finally illuminated the warframe. It was a Garuda type, standard colors, outer shell badly damaged and warped but still recognizable. Suno was glad to have not been immediately impaled on its talons, but couldn’t help but wonder why a Tenno as fearsome as this would even bother getting up close to their targets.

    It struggled frantically, twisting and turning its joints in unnatural directions against the ice and making all manner of odd sounds, before ultimately going limp in the grasp of ice.

    Suno wondered briefly if this could be considered a victory.

    Then the ground opened up and swallowed the Warframe whole. Wind rushed up from the depths, creating the sound the Tenno had heard earlier. Just as suddenly, it stopped, and the Garuda was gone.

    Suno was extremely unnerved by this, but she figured it was time to check in on the sketchy Tenno. “Kacillus, Vlad, we ran into some trouble down here but it didn’t manage to kill anyone. What’s your status?”

  12. and of course, even though this has been fast-paced by my standards so far, I'm okay with there being time between people's posts as long as it's not more than, say, 5 days or so? Does that sound fair? I don't know how fast-paced you expect it to be, which is more important to me than my expectations. I have too much time on my hands right now, so it doesn't matter if things go fast or slow to me, personally.

    I'm also considering starting a discord for our roleplay, just so we can brainstorm together and stuff. Let me know if that sounds interesting. If we're all on board with it, I'll PM everyone an invite.

  13. 2 hours ago, EpicdudeX said:

    I'll try, but school just started again. And boy, is my workload heavy.

    I might post today however.

    I understand! And the party is basically split right now, so I'm not going to be persnickety because of that. Like, if a post I make only applies to the cave squad, I don't expect you to reply to it unless things get way too out of sync.

  14. On 2021-01-20 at 8:23 AM, WolfmanX9 said:

    "I suppose a small detour wont hurt, otherwise this mystery may haunt our mind for a while and so on" he bluntly whispered, probably making the whole curiosity of this mystery "warframe" worse. Although to be fair, he wanted to find out as well.

    [Post 2/2]
    Suno mumbled something inaudible, double-checking her Komorex.

    “Fine, but I don’t have to like it,” she said, more loudly. She cast shards on herself and started the trek down into the caves. The eerie whooshing of air blasted through the caves again, making Suno jump. “Dammit! What the hell is that?”

    Then the warframe jumped on her. Even though she was keeping her eyes on the ceiling, the warframe seemed to have gotten above and behind her somehow. Suno was slippery though, and as soon as she felt the weight press down on her back, she ducked and pivoted, serving a fist full of glass directly into her attacker’s face. It didn’t even flinch, even as the shadow of its head tilted at an angle approaching 90 degrees from the force of the punch.

    “And what the hell are you?” Suno demanded, more than a little rattled in the darkness. She still couldn't clearly tell what model it was. A feminine type, most likely, but beyond that there were no defining features. "Identify yourself, for Void's sake!"

    The frame declined to answer. Instead it reached up to its face and, with a loud crack, snapped its head back into a more natural position. It seemed to be done running, for now.

  15. On 2021-01-20 at 10:36 AM, EpicdudeX said:

    "Turbulence!" Kacilius rolled to the left of the air blast, while Vlad rolled to the right. "We've got a feisty one!" Kacilius Blinked towards the bird, trying to startle it, while Vlad fired several arrows at the wings. "Kacilius, fall back!" Vlad yelled as he activated Fighter Escort, scattering his Locust Drones. Kacilius activated Penumbra and tried flying under the bird for a surprise attack.

    [Post 1/2, will post again tomorrow for the cave squad]

    Perhaps the bird was sharper than Vlad and Kacillus were giving it credit for. It did notice Kacillus vanish, although it had no idea what to make of it other than “DANGER!” It was otherwise unimpressed with Kacillus’ increase of velocity. Thick, armor-like feathers caught the arrows in their bulk, though clearly the bird was not a fan of carrying the arrows with it.

    It flapped its wings downward, propelling itself higher into the sky in another attempt to destabilize the Tenno in flight and scatter the smaller, lighter combat drones. From its heightened position, it folded its wings back and dove straight down at Vlad, hoping to bash him with its armor-clad face.

  16. Anak’s fireball illuminated the dark cave. It was not, indeed, a raknoid, it was something else, something humanoid. It was a Warframe. Suno couldn’t quite make out what model it was, but it again skittered deeper into the cave, crab-walking on the ceiling as though it were a 3d model stretched over the wrong skeleton.

    “What the hell?” Suno whispered. "Are we following that?"

  17. The inside of the cave was unnaturally quiet. There were coolant pools with nothing swimming in them. There were no plants or moss. There were no corpus patrols, no animal scents, and no animal tracks. Something was very wrong.

    Suddenly a whooshing sound filled the cave. Air was flowing in or out from somewhere. And just as suddenly, it stopped.

    Suno readied her Komorex, and walked in slowly. She looked around carefully, for any sign of activity at all. She gulped nervously. How much was this mission worth again?

    Finally, her gaze settled upon something. It was on the ceiling, clinging spider-like to the top of the cave. She couldn't quite see it clearly as it skittered further into the cave and out of view.

  18. The bird soared into view above Kacillus and Vlad. It was truly enormous, at least 10 feet tall and with a wingspan of around 30 feet. Its body was green and orange, like a parrot, and it screamed loud enough to cause Tenno armor to shake. Its beak was hooked cruelly, ideal for piercing cold flesh and tearing innards, and its talons were similarly fearsome. The thick, black, keratin-like substance composing the beak also went on to cover its face, providing a helmet of sorts. It flapped its massive wings and sent an enormous blast of air towards the pair of Tenno.

    Meanwhile, Suno and co. had almost reached the caves. Suno hesitated a second to look back at the bird and sent Kacillus one last message over coms: “If things get bad, please for the love of anything just run, I don’t care how stubborn you are.”

    As the group entered the caves, the lifesign of the Corpus foreman quietly blinked out behind them just before he would have exited radar range.

    [OoC: I'll make a second post detailing the inside of the caves tomorrow, my head hurts. If you think of something you want to post in the mean time go ahead.]

  19. 16 hours ago, WolfmanX9 said:

    "Right, who want to take the lead? Preferably someone who can take a beating if things get harry" he asked in a neutral tone, not really wanted to be the one to take the lead as hes more of a support kind of tenno.

    Grumbling lightly, Suno pulled up the map and decided to make a beeline for the nearest cave. She casted shards on herself just to be safe, but she worried it wouldn't be enough against whatever they might face.

    She called back to Vlad, "You guys are gonna be the decoy, right? Contact me on the com and I'll throw down a waypoint once you're safe."

    A cry rang out over the Vallis. The bird had finished its meal and was on the way.

  20. On 2021-01-05 at 12:27 PM, EpicdudeX said:

    "Hmm... do you want a distraction? Vlad and I are good at that." Kacilius said with a smirk. "I can fly fast enough with my Itzal and use Penumbra (Cloak) if I need to, so a flying beast shouldn't be much of a problem." Vlad nodded. "Let us go. I've got some pent up stress I need to release."

    "Well I guess if your mind is made up..." Suno grumbled. She was glad someone was taking the initiative, truth be told, but 


    On 2021-01-05 at 12:09 PM, WolfmanX9 said:

    “What about using the caves to travel to our destination? If said option is possible that is. We Tenno are a lot more...efficient in close spaces after all” he suggested as one idea. Cause he had a feeling that not everyone has a k-drive or tamed Velocipod to use.


    "We could do that, but we've got a monster down there we know nothing about. At least those two-" she gestured at the sketchy Tenno "-can keep the bird off our backs if we make a run for the caves though...

    "And who all has an archwing here? I guess we might end up having to travel by ground anyway. Dante could be right about the caves being more efficient."

  21. 2 hours ago, UnremarkableUsername said:

    The Arson Eximus looked at him with an unimpressed expression.

    "I could make a big, bright fire.  I could make my armor glow.  When it comes close, I could see it, or throw fire at it."

    She addressed the group.  "Didn't we have a mission out here?"


    Suno took a deep breath. It seems like everyone had gotten lost in the excitement about the bird.

    "That's right. The reason the bird is a problem is because we could be attacked en route to our destination if we travel by air. We can try to travel by land, but we don't have much intel about what might happen there. We know the way that bird is connected to the second monster is that the bird avoids it like the plague, which suggests it is able to track it somehow. Our mission is to gather intel by raiding a corpus facility and abducting one of their scientists. What we need to do now is to decide which risk we want to take to get there."

  22. 23 minutes ago, EpicdudeX said:

    "I have one." Kacilius stood up and walked over, leaning slightly too close to the foreman. "Let's see... how long has Nef Anyo known about this 'monster'?"

    "How long? Who can say? Nef Anyo is wise beyond all of us. How else could he amass such profit? But... To tell you the truth, I'm a recent arrival, Venus is new to me. But Nef Anyo is acting quickly in his shareholders' best interests. He must have foreseen this. He truly has a big heart. If I had that kind of foresight, I wouldn't have set foot on the planet to begin with. He's willing to take these risks for the sake of our finances," the foreman answered.

    Suno groaned. She hated dealing with these guys and their weird money ideology.

    "Alright. We know the monster in the sky is a giant bird that likes shiny things. That makes flying a risk. Without a plan, something that hits that hard that fast will make mincemeat out of the best of us. But we don't know much about what will come for us if we travel by ground, and we still might get attacked by that bird," Suno murmured. 

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