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  1. There's no skin cool enough to make me touch EGS with a ten-foot pole.
  2. Got kicked out from RJ, restarted and now the launcher is stuck at checking updates. Kinda funny actually.
  3. Multishot on everything, range on all shotguns, status on beam weapons.
  4. True, but at two status they're practically even and at 3+ CO pulls significantly ahead.
  5. Afaik they only affect the individual crew members, so to get the speed boost you'd have to have that crew member pilot and so on.
  6. CO is still the best option even without priming. Primed Pressure Point is the second best option.
  7. I guess that depend if you want to use Naramon or something else. Personally I like using Stropha and Glaive Prime heavy attack builds since they allow me to use Zenurik for more energy-hungry frames.
  8. It's a passive grind. You open some relics and get keys as a bonus.
  9. https://gyazo.com/fc49606b7443e92209802e7cde29cfdc I wouldn't actually try farming it though.
  10. No. They're considered different species.
  11. I'm trying to get Xiphos (read: doing a few runs now and then) so Ishtar, Venus for me at the moment. I use Nyx with Silence just for fun, but it also completely shuts them down.
  12. https://overframe.gg/build/new/1032/sancti-tigris/?bs=WzEsMTAzMiwzMCwxLFtbNzEyLDMsMV0sWzU1MjUsMTAsMl0sWzcyMywxMCwxXSxbNzA2LDUsMV0sWzI1MDAsOCwzLFtbNjEsMC4yMzg1MzAwNzgzMTgyNzM5XSxbNTYsMC4xODU1NjgxODk3NjU3NTU5OF1dLFs2NSwwLjM0Mzc1OTM3NzU4NjI3MDFdLDgsMywwXSxbNzEzLDMsMF0sWzU1MjIsMTAsMV0sWzcyNCwxMCwxXSxbNTUyMywxMCwxXSxbMCwwLDBdXV0= Riven's kinda mediocre, haven't rolled it that much. If you lack a riven replace it with either Sweeping Serration for more slash procs or Primed Chilling Grasp for more raw damage. Galvanized Savvy is optional for PCG too, though it's pretty good for heavier targets. Edit: and yes, haven't unlocked the arcane slot yet. You can imagine what it'll do with a maxed arcane.
  13. It seems to be a some sort of glitch. There have been numerous reports of this happening, hell it happened to me too when using my phone. In my case the text was russian.
  14. There's definitely something wonky going on post-patch. I've oneshot myself several times solo with no Acolyte present.
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