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  1. I greatly prefer Lull over Rest & Rage. With max range and augment it puts everything in LoS to sleep, going even through doors. While it's not the best for solely leveling a frame, Railjack (Gian Point to be specific) is very solid for leveling companions and multiple items at the same time.
  2. Gathering Steel Essence for the weekly rotation and using leftovers to try make my Nagantaka riven into something usable/fun.
  3. She's fine. I'm thinking of making a high duration & strength build to utilize Null Star and her 4 just for the heck of it.
  4. It's a tricky one to be certain. Also, I understand what people wanting a group challenge feel. I used to have very similiar views and feelings back in my WoW days, being a pretty hardcore raider. I've obviously changed my stance since then, but I can certainly sympathize.
  5. That's something that'll need solving to be sure. I'm not sure if having a system similiar to Relic cracking would make both parties happy. Probably neither :D
  6. Pointing out a common argument fallacy hardly counts as a buzzword. They could have that aspect in the group diffculties while having something else on solo. You're trying to make things sound more rigid than they really are. Would you agree to my earlier proposition if that was the case?
  7. So it was a strawman. The content doesn't need to be identical. Difficulty scaling isn't anything new. Would you agree that having an option for solo play, that was tuned for solo play and available for solo play only would be a win-win if groups also got their own versions?
  8. I have never, not once, seen a demand that anything in this game MUST be completed solo. All I'm seeing is people asking for the OPTION to complete things solo.
  9. And that's most definitely excluding solo play. Which most solo players do and they're not an insignificant part of the playerbase from my observations. Imagine if solo players started demanding content that MUST be completed solo. I doubt you'd be on board with that, would you?
  10. They're denied exclusivity, which is technically denying denying. Which is kinda funny in itself.
  11. I never said I got my arcanes from hunting. Which I didn't. If it's just a little effort that's required what exactly is the problem if the arcanes are available elsewhere? Because I don't see any reason except either A; you're trying to keep people away from loot you have or B: you're trying to limit the supply of arcanes so you can scalp.
  12. I can hunt Eidolons just fine. I also have all the arcanes I need. I just find the crying over not being able to gatekeep anymore absolutely laughable.
  13. So they don't care about the loot, just that nobody else has access to said loot. What a petty reason to be mad.
  14. Rare chance from Radiant Relics scaled to group size (=buff to group sizes <4). Because opening 48 goddamn rads solo to get the required part isn't fun nor engaging.
  15. Did some more testing. Violence managed to kill me thanks to me just totally tuning out. He didn't despawn though, and started duking it out with the Grineer instead. Tried dying later on again, despawned normally. Also tried extracting Kuva only between Acolyte spawns and killing an Acolyte while a siphon is running. Spawned normally. No idea what's triggering the bug.
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