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  1. Just chiming in how much I love this new feature. Keep up the good work! 🙂
  2. Honestly I doubt it's gonna launch in 2021. The vibes I've got from DevStreams just tells me the patch isn't nowhere near ready to ship.
  3. For some reason DE made Railjack Orphix much harder than the event one. Back in the event I could do a full 36 Orphix relatively reliably, but now getting to 24 for a second C reward is cutting it close. A full 36 run solo is in my opinion impossible. The problem isn't the orphix spawn rate but rather the insane damage ramp-up the enemies - especially the sentients - get. You can get hit for over 20k damage in less than a second.
  4. They're all kinda mediocre as far as weapon types go. Honestly, go with the weapon class that suits you the most. They're all very strong if not the best in their weapon class. Toxic is generally the best element. Also, the ones which pause the combo counter are great if you like playing with Zenurik. Add some Primary/Secondary Dextery and they're very reliable.
  5. "If you're not playing the way *I* want you're being selfish!" If you have a problem with people stabbing/not stabbing, don't play publics. Because, and this might shock you, trying to force people to play in a way that profits you the most is selfish.
  6. Treat it as another thing to work towards to. I've a solo clan, and it's definitely worth it if you're not looking for a community to play with. The only thing I had to really grind anything for was Hema.
  7. If you've got access to it Valefor on Europa would be my choice. Vital Sense is a B-rotation reward at best from a mission reward, and Excavation is by far the fastest way of available mission types to reach it.
  8. You can cast her 2 on companions, defensive targets and enemies as well which I'm almost positive is happening.
  9. Cloud Walker is more or less the reason Wukong's by far the most played frame. It is: 1. An invulnerability ability 2. A healing ability 3. A movement ability 4. An invisibility ability 5. And passes through barriers as well. That's just way too much for a single ability. Add an afk-enabling clone and you get threads like this.
  10. Just had a whopping 1h 56min start timer, but thanks to that I figured out what's happening. The timer for your next mission starts counting immediately after you finish a mission, in other words any time you spend in your Orbiter gets added to the timer when you enter a mission. Easy to check, was 100% consistent when I tried whether it's the mission result screen or just Orbiter. It's everything starting from the result screen.
  11. Also can confirm. I've had some missions start close to the 30 minute mark.
  12. The news panel is your friend. Always check the flashing messages on the right of your navigation.
  13. Just checked, you can change RJ equipment in Relays. Research is clan only like you said.
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