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  1. My one and only problem with Iron Skin is that it doesn't get any damage reduction which makes it less than useful in missions over level 20 and completely useless over level 30. The Skin is practically just butter thrown into a campfire and i never actually see anyone use a Rhino after starting content.
  2. Don't know if it's allowed to post links to reddit here, but: there's a great short story as 1st comment there.
  3. So many people saying they didn't get the drop after "watching the entire stream". It's obvious they didn't watch the entire stream, otherwise they already knew that nobody got the drop due to a twitch malfunction and that the drop will be given during another stream next week to make up for it.
  4. I think the stuff that should be challenging to get has to be something actually worth it, not some crappy mastery fodder (looking at you Braton Vandal)
  5. True, considering the 2 new companions from just a couples weeks ago and the frames before that
  6. You can just let the streams run on your phone while you're working In my case the problem is that the thursday streams start at 1am here
  7. After the bug on ps4 (which only a few minutes ago got fixed) that doesn't actually surprise me
  8. Got 1st 2 drops, just like last week Now I hope it won't skip the 3rd like it did last week
  9. Lots of messages about people not getting stream drops, but no messages that it's going to be fixed
  10. I stayed online that day from the moment the stream started until the moment the stream went offline, yet I didn't get it, and the way you're putting it sounds like I'm just not going to get it anymore, not happy with that
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