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  1. When are we going to get the promised drops? 3 scintillants were promised tot watching devstream, people got either 1 or nothing at all. Best way to fix this would be an alert on playstation, switch and pc to give us at least 2 scintillants. That said, it would probably be best to get rid of drops and just give alerts in-game, that way people won't be complaining about drops anymore and no system has to be fixed
  2. Total of 5 rush repair drones? SIGN ME UP!!!
  3. Guess im out for next weeks streams, not really interested in those drops
  4. Obvious rigged plat prize, same viewer won 2x in a row
  5. As expected, new drop system is bugged AF! Doesn't register me watching on phone, so i have to run streams on console, so i cant play anything and still need to watch on phone at the same time because twitch app on ps4 is bugged in a way that prevents me from actually saying things in chat.
  6. Finally done with the untire [un/re]link bs, now I just gotta wait to see it fail on tuesday
  7. My one and only problem with Iron Skin is that it doesn't get any damage reduction which makes it less than useful in missions over level 20 and completely useless over level 30. The Skin is practically just butter thrown into a campfire and i never actually see anyone use a Rhino after starting content.
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