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  1. I have this issue also. attempting to crunch out as much as I can (although I'm well into 100+ prestige ranks) before nightwave goes pop, and found that a lot of the weeks I'd only get roughly a week worth of recovered weeklies before it would eventually decay off and I'd be left completely finished until the next week. but given that there is no more next week, guess I'm stuck with just dailies for these last few days. I WANT to think it's because some of the weekly missions get recycled into next weeks as the rotations randomize. and so completing one set of say do 3
  2. 👍 thats a good way of looking at it for people. although I dare say that with the inclusion of the "Juice" mod a K-drive is also an energy generator you can use while in transit if you get into a spot of a lack of energy while out on a bounty while quick escape is kinda like a slightly longer rolling guard if you need a panic button to reposition. of course, those things become less and less required as you get stronger as a player and with your frames etc. but they are options. Also bonus points if you can use the derpy ragdolling effect of crashing to glitch yourself through things you poten
  3. if you have a primary or have it directly equipped Eing while in travel makes the glaive just come back prematurely. you gotta middle click to explode it on toss. UNLESS you're dualwield secondary + glaive. then the explode key becomes E. Only because exploding button normally on middle click gets consumed by alt fire for the secondary if it has one. it's kinda weird, but just a glaive rework nuance.
  4. probably not. it's a weapon that either already chains between nearby targets, OR fires a big bomb that explodes in an area. theres probably no point to saboting and instead using more elements. it's laser IS status based after all, so if it doesn't outright kill, some fire or electric after a compound element like corrosive would probably do pretty well to stack up absurb numbers of DoT procs. Punch through tends to just make the bomb phase through targets rather than explode on impact, and the laser doesn't benefit I wouldn't think.
  5. aaaaand the arcanes are power creeped out by literally everything before starting seemingly. other than the damage booster. would be cooler to make residues scale with the kitgun's damage with just all elements converted to the elemental of the arcane effect itself, and then have theorems be affected by warframe stat levels, so that way it's a synergy you can physically build for as part of your kit. that would be a load more interesting. almost like an arcane based set of self contained universal augments. Since stuff like contagion and seeker runs off the damage dealt by their host modu
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