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  1. Since I reckon a bump another 2 months later is reasonable, this issue is still going strong.
  2. Here's a little extra, I did actually manage to rank the new Prisma Dual Decurions to 16, after having it reset weirdly while in the mission a few times before. I've also gotten the according MR points and it's listed under equipment at 16. I've got the reset again in a mission and they're now back at Rank 1. I genuinely brought them into a mission at rank 16, and then deranked the guns I brought in there. Now that is one impressive glitchfest.
  3. Yeah. Someone was just wondering if I was trying to scam them thanks to this.
  4. Ever since Nezha Prime was added recently the cursor has been moving very slow in the game. I've just verified that the UI Cursor Sensitivity setting has no effect at all anymore now. Same goes for UI Cursor Acceleration, no effect.
  5. Host migrations are a notorious problem in the game, but recently I've noticed a bug that's new, to me anyway. Sometimes host migrations in Archwing missions (this does happen in submersible Archwing missions too) can unload Archweapons. And I mean a hard unload, as if the weapon was never equipped to the mission in the first place. This means it is unusable, and doesn't get affinity anymore either. Also ALL previously earned affinity on that weapon is undone as well. Say... I joined an Archwing interception, maxed out a previously unranked weapon, dared to stay despite the host leaving
  6. Like the title says. In this bounty stage lots of Terra Jailers are brought in by Corpus Dropships. Usually, once they spawn in when the Dropship stops, they get a red enemy marker, and upon death drop a data key marked in blue. 3 of these keys are needed for the optional so them not spawning in is kind of a big deal as it reduces loot and standing gain without recourse. And currently over 50% of the times this stage comes up, no data keys drop whatsoever, and Terra Jailers do not get the red enemy mark either, although they spawn and fight normally. This seems to be some kind of iss
  7. Disclaimer: I've done this vault successfully multiple times before. The mechanics are not a mystery to me. Issue: The memory game in the Pavlov vaults was glitched on my playthrough a few minutes ago, notable in 2 ways. First of all the 3rd entry was always wrong. Once the code was just going around in a neat circle and the third entry was still taken as wrong, and the same pattern persisted throughout multiple tries, all stopping dead at entry 3. The other glitch is that the indicator circle around the blue start button doesn't have it's pedestal lights purged correctly. For example whe
  8. The title really says it all. The kills/damage made by a Celestial Twin are counted normally if the player using the twin is the host of the mission (1), otherwise they are not counted. I have successfully used this to finish an extermination mission without any logged kills or damage by having someone invite me, accompany me without killing anything, and leaving everything up to my twin. This seems an UI only issue though, as affinity is dispersed normally.
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