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  1. Feedback: Something that I think would be a nice addition to the overall Railjack interface would be something on screen that shows the timer and storage of the forges. Only being able to tell the remaining cooldown (if there is any) on a forge by staring at it is pretty annoying. Its nice to be able to be doing other things while waiting for the forges to all come off cooldown and not be counting the passing seconds while you're away. And also not just for the engineer but for the others that aren't working the forge to be aware of as well. Like when others are waiting on more flux/dome to be made, but you have to constantly let them know "Waiting on pustrels", "30s on forge" and so on. I think this could either be added on the right side of the screen under the player list where there's unused space, or just put it on the tactical menu while making it bigger there as most of the screen is technically unused other than the map and abilities.
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