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  1. The energy color of Emblems, though I've only noticed it with Tethra's Doom Quantum Emblem, shows as the default green color when you switch to a loadout that has it equipped while in Navigation. Easy to replicate, happens every time you switch into the loadout. http://prntscr.com/nz28nd
  2. Today's hotfix that tweaked Wisp's skirt to reduce clipping has now made the skirt magically float above the model and also clip with my syandana after the change. Using Wisp Agile this is what she looks like now normally: http://prntscr.com/nt0w61 And this is after she does her full idle animation: http://prntscr.com/nt0xlm I understand wanting to fix some clipping due to Wisp having a lot of cloth physics in her model, but I'd rather have it reverted if the fix results in this.
  3. I found this guide on the wiki when I only had like 120 fractures sealed. And since then have done 700+ with a lot of varying coolant usage, and only ever saw one eximus spawn lol Pretty ridiculous, good thing I was also farming Cyan pigments at the same time otherwise what hell that'd be
  4. I really don't want to fight Exploiter now. It's not the time it takes that bothers me, it's the entire existence of Phase 1 of the fight. Deck 12 is cramped as hell with the boss taking up the entire width of the battle area. Also add on that it climbs on walls and goes up to the ceiling at the end. And the process of cooling the vents with Thermia is inconsistent, sometimes it takes two, sometimes it takes four, and the hit boxes for them are terrible at registering Thermia hitting it. I would much rather have Phase 2 take twice as long than participate in fighting indoors.
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