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  1. Let’s make something perfectly clear, I am far from some new player that doesn’t know what they’re doing, I’m MR 29 and 37 years old, been playing video games for most of my life and I have a pretty good head on my shoulders, the problem is not within the build and it is not a problem that was going on before the update. The problem only arose recently, after the update. Which is the reason for this topic, so if we can get past all the unnecessary garbage about what other people use because it’s easy or what people claim to be ‘meta’ that would be great, because I’ve built a lot of frames
  2. Sorry to say but it has not been that way for years, that’s the whole reason for this particular thread/topic I and various others have successfully built their pets that are not from the infested open world to survive even in steel path, but it seems like you missed what I was trying to say in the original post. The fact of the matter is, Things are not working the way that they were before the update, so again your comment was less than helpful because builder such as myself had got past that problem, that is to say until this new update made more problems.
  3. Well that’s less than helpful, although of course if the panzer was one that was bugged to the point of unusable you would be raising hell and then how would you feel if the rest of us say well good luck with that?
  4. I would not of started this conversation if I was having problems before the update, the problem is that they’re happening after the update.
  5. Nothing has changed in my builds, the reason I don’t use shield link it’s because I play as a chroma with a decaying Dragon Key, so shield link we do absolutely no good in that case.
  6. it seems i can't post a pic, as I just tried 5 different ways and none will let me.
  7. I'm speaking mostly with my Smeeta Kavat, Chesa Kubrow and Huras Kubrow. they can no longer take a hit, taking a lot of damage faster then they used to, I can't keep them on there feet in missions anymore. yet before the update i had it where thy can stay up in steel path missions without a problem. With the mods out right now i can't fix the problem, they are as tanky as I can get them.
  8. For the last few days now after the update hit PC, our pets has taken a severe hit, literally. I for one am heartbroken because I like many others have spent a lot of time and effort into all my pets to try to keep them alive in steel path missions and everything else. Yet now our beloved pets can no longer survive the lowest levels of lich missions. I sincerely hope it’s not plan to keep it this way, because I like many others take pride in my companions and don’t want all that work that we put into them to be for nothing.
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