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  1. After some years, I actually stopped playing Warframe in favor of another game (Fallout 4). So I'm not on all day like before, and haven't logged in in a couple weeks. Did today's Sortie, and I wanted to say the sound rework is nice. Thank you.

  2. It must be terrifying when you favorite gear is being spotlighted, thanks to players using it to wreck public matches.

    When I complained about Tonkor getting Nerfed, I, myself, was subjected to untold hate from the apologists. I may have even gotten a warning point for daring to argue with someone defending the design changes (likely a Smurf). I have been on both sides of the situation over the years, and you know what?

    I no longer give a damn.

    Nerf whatever the hell you want, DE, because a balanced game should always be the goal, not pacifying a few players who confuse their "skillz" with the use of over-powered game content. These people remind me of a top-tier Tribes clan that had to use aim-assisting hacks as they were competing at the "highest level of ability." Oh, please, just get over yourselves. No one needs to bow and scrape before you, and you shouldn't be calling attention to yourselves by wrecking public matches. I can spin through a map with Atterax, but that doesn't mean I've got skills—it means I'm an inconsiderate ass.

    And, yeah, after they Nerf whips, they should go after the next thing used to break the game. The work should not end, not unless DE wants the money to end.

    Good day to you all.

  3. Just now, PatternistSlave said:

    It's called meaningful progression.  They can nerf after nerf after nerf upon nerf and all it accomplishes is something new for you all to whine about.  Everything is "OP" on lesser content because the game has meaningful progression and gear needs to be able to be used on higher leveled content.  Rivens are endgame level and as such need to be at the level of endgame.  Weirdly enough that means they wreck anything below that.  The other option is for all levels to be normalized, but then you get into a situation where progression feels completely pointless because everything performs exactly the same regardless of the level.  Just go play Destiny 2 if a straight up shooter without meaningful progression is your thing.


    "Just go play Destiny...."

    Surely, this kind of stuff is forum gold.

    I suppose we should all shut up, now, before your favorite weapon or Riven mod gets hit with the Nerf Hammer....

  4. 44 minutes ago, DrBorris said:

    If you don't understand why S. Simulor was nerfed I don't know what to say,

    Where did I hint at such a thing?

    You are clearly so accustomed to wallowing in your own sense of genius that you are recklessly assuming the lot of us to be beneath you, making all manner of ill-informed and nonsensical judgments. I find such displays of abject priggishness rather grating.

    You need to reflect upon your sense of self and your place in this world.

    I chose to add you to my ignore list, and I suggest you do the same.

  5. 5 minutes ago, DrBorris said:

    Um, why do you think Mirage + S. Simulor was nerfed exactly? Not to be rude, but I don't think you have the best concept of what balance actually means.

    Perhaps, one day, I might be as smart as you....

  6. It was a lot of fun when Mirage players with Synoid Simulor would race through Extermination maps and kill everything, and no one else in the squad ever got to fire a shot. Lots of fun.

    You guys nerfed Mirage.

    But you created Riven mods.

    And now a wide range of players with a wide range of weapons (whips, most often) are ripping through Extermination maps killing everything, and no one else in the squad ever gets to fire a shot.

    Same level of fun as before.

  7. I understand really good stuff has to be rare. Whatever.

    But Kuva rewards should not be as rare as they are, now. I have a feeling they were dialed back shortly after being added to the reward tables, as it was possible to get some each week. Now, we get Endo or statues.

    How about tweaking those percentages?

    Because I am not going to play the same damn Kuva mission all day long, every day. It's as boring and grindy as those original Fissure missions, with poor rewards to boot.

  8. This is an OLD, RANDOM bug, as old as the Grineer Fortress maps, anyway.

    See it in today's Sortie, third part: First wave of the  Defense mission NEVER ends. There will be 9 waves remaining until the end of time.

    This has happened at random since these maps were introduced.

  9. After the change, is Phage good enough with a couple of dual status mods?

    • Primed Point Blank
    • Hell's Chamber
    • Blunderbuss
    • Primed Ravage
    • Shotgun Spaz
    • Hunter Munitions
    • Dual Status #1
    • Dual Status #2

    I had four 90% elementals and Viscious Spread before, and the gun absolutely sucked.

    Is this the way to build it today?


  10. Too clever by half.

    Game did not need the pop up. We know we are getting a trophy because we stopped to pick it up. It's not a random drop we might have otherwise missed. So, no added value.

    Now, the counter that reminds players they are missing trophies? It frequently fails to appear.

    So there's that, now.

    • +52.1% Damage to Corpus
    • +153.9% Multishot
    • +213.3% Damage
    • -84.5 Projectile Flight Speed

    Does the reduction in flight speed negate the damage buffs, as flight speed effects falloff distances?

    Otherwise, I have:

    • +96.9% Ammo Maximum
    • +46% Magazine Capacity
    • +2.7 Punch Through

    And I need about a million Kuva, if anyone has some to spare.

  11. How about this:

    • Energy Siphon
    • Cunning Drift
    • Intensify
    • Primed Flow
    • Stretch
    • Overextended
    • Fleeting Expertise (maxed to reduce Duration as much as possible)
    • Streamline
    • Quick Thinking
    • Rage

    This offers 40% Duration, 175% Efficiency, 250% Range, and 70% Strength.

    14 minutes ago, -Temp0- said:

    Idk what he "wants" especially when he says he's going to play solo anyway. Who the *** can you even troll solo. Yourself?

    And no one said that they *want* to run Limbo. He said he needs something to run solo syndicates and Limbo was suggested. Limbo is pretty bad that's all. And can't clear exterminates as well unlike dps frame. Ignis or any other similar weapon like amprex - doesn't matter and I will never stop laughing when people find it hard to farm warframes.

    I don't need to farm any Warframes. I've seen a Limbo run through a Syndicate map and bust every container to pick out trophies very fast. I know it works. Just want a smart build for it.

    Ember was great because no one had much chance to bother you while you searched about. Now her range is tripe.


    If I take it online, I don't want to be a PITA the way some Limbo players are. Hoped against hope that one of our YouTube superstars had created a video advising mere mortals how to play the frame smart.

  12. Used to use Ember for my solo Syndicate missions. They were peaceful trophy hunts.

    Clan mate suggested Limbo. I usually quit squads with Limbos to avoid trolls, and avoid using the frame, myself. But I need to run solo Syndicate missions and find trophies.

    Can anyone suggest a build for solo Syndicate missions? Mine seems to have a bit too much power, or not enough efficiency. It will kill enemies, but I cannot spam it as I move around.

    Has anyone made a video detailing how to play the frame online without being a knob?

  13. I tried to create an imgur account a while back, but registration wasn't working—so no cool screen shots.

    Mine has +66.1% fire rate and +176.3% critical chance. It's not the hardest-hitting, but it hits twice as often as most, so things kinda balance out, perhaps. I'll keep rolling until I get something better.

    You do know you didn't have to accept the reroll, that you could have kept the card with the higher fire rate?

    I would imagine higher critical chance is preferable to higher critical damage, but maybe it doesn't actually work out that way?

    There are some nice mods, above.


  14. There are instances where powers and weapons are opaque and blinding, to the point of players rage quitting or refusing to use certain equipment. Or opacity is merely confusing. I can think of a few that bug the hell out of me, and I'm certain others can olffer up many more.

    Please look at reducing the opacity of the following elements:

    Excalibur's Exalted Blade

    This blinds the person using the skill and everyone around him. Certain colors are required when using the augment mod Chromatic Blade, such as white, the opacity of which is nearly impossible to aim through. Worse, many players will simply quit when their screen is full of the opaque energy waves Excalibur produces. Can its opacity be turned down a bit? Just enough to look cool and team-friendly?


    Pox creates clouds of see-nothing rage. Great weapon ruined by the opacity of its artwork. Please turn it down enough that we can see enemies again?

    Nekros' Shadows of the Dead

    I still shoot at these things. Most of the time, I cannot distinguish between them and other enemies on the screen, especially when Nekros has a dark energy color. The Shadows are simply too solid. They hide enemies. In contrast, the Ballistica Prime effect is astounding. Can the opacity of the Shadows be knocked back that players can distinguish them from enemies?

    Thanks for looking.

  15. Google didn't help. Maybe that was my mistake.

    I was looking for Sedna\Selkie. I use that map for the headshot while aim gliding challenge, as enemies often gather in clumps you can mow like daisies. It had been a while, so I forgot what node I needed.

    The wiki has a comparable list for every mission type?

  16. 5 hours ago, DarthKadra said:

    No point getting it to 100% chance, it's not a shotgun. I suggest 2x60/60+2x90, corrosive all the way. Against armored targets this should yield the most amount of damage. I'm not counting faction mods, because switching weapon loadouts for every mission - well, maybe DE think it's fun, I don't.

    I'm sorry, what? It's one of the most important stats for weapons. 

    I thought it a distant second to Critical damage—it's what you build for when Crit Chance is too low.

    I'm probably building wrong.

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