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  1. Why not have both? There's basically no other purpose for fish flesh anyway. Just ease up the requirements for making bait, have a blueprint or if the user wants just outright buy the bait using rep. I guess what I'm trying to say here is just because a new system is introduced doesn't automatically mean the old one is suddenly obsolete in design.
  2. If you find guitar music by "I Built the Sky" it's a good idea to watch it, as well as other folk he's jammed with. That one's just my favorite as it sounds like I'm starting an adventure game. I miss playing adventure games where the sole purpose was exploring...
  3. Also if you introduce "plague hunters" with no steampunk style weapons and plague doctor fashion I'm gonna be pissed.
  4. Granted, but it still grows at the same rate. I wish Ivara Prime deluxe skin would release soon.
  5. You should also mention that Oberons plants are still dictated by "accents" color and that Oberon Prime cannot be without shoulder armor, nor choose the non-primed Oberon armor.
  6. Auto-block has too much priority at times, interrupting combos and charge attacks when hit by a stray bullet between them. Glaive + Secondary is restricted to the basic combo with the glaive, if there are any plans to mix secondary + melee then that really needs some look. With the new melee what it is, the "right click" combo is a bit of a pain right now because it will automatically put you into gun-mode after you stop pushing E. Speaking of the current melee + secondary (glaive n gun) why doesn't the glaive block at least a LITTLE damage while you have it out? Is there any plan to change or adjust the "aim glide" mode for melee?
  7. Why are all of these things always so "needle in a haystack"?
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