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  1. I've had a smoke ephemera sitting in my inventory for about six weeks now. I came back from a hiatus and the first thing that happened was a Shadow Stalker dropped it. Problem is I can't build it. Don't have the ash systems nor the 'gold' nitain. So sad.
  2. Follow the "Prototype" model. Have it so whenever you successfully stealth-kill an enemy you become a copy of that enemy and can essentially roam around on a long timer without rousing suspicion. Then have abilities that are designed to 'shatter' the disguise and do serious levels of damage or something else fun.
  3. Why have a single warframe that is capable of mounting when you could have the mount listed as a vehicle and have everyone on one? I'm not sure how else a mounted combatant warframe would be capable as their design would be remarkably similar to excal in practice.
  4. The Man in the Wall is a personification of the void, the Tenno's new father. He's actually the good guy albeit creepy at times. The Tenno are actually supposed to control the Infestation, but there is a secondary form of 'hive mind' that exists that prevents the influence. The infested probably cause some form of post-secondary interference to sentients due to the nature of the virus. The Tau system will eventually be invaded by the Tenno, only to have a derelict ship ram straight into the system. The entirety of the Tau sentients desperately try to keep the derelict at bay, but the Tenno see this and use it to their advantage which turns the enormous derelict into essentially a gigantic missile. The Tau system is struck and infested leak out. At first it seems like it was just a distraction but multitudes of Tau Sentients fall victim to the virus and become a threat the likes of which the star system has never seen. This creates a new faction, the Amalgamate Infested, which later takes over the Tau system and uses it as a staging area to continuously assault the origin system.
  5. I'm...actually not entirely sure. There is some variance in height definitely with various frames so having one that's actually short-short shouldn't be too far off as an option. I know a lot of people on the forums keep trying to throw out the idea of a quadrupedal warframe a la Bladewolf-esque design or so. I'm not entirely sure why more 'exotic' bodies aren't chosen at all. Besides the fact that it would take a little more creativity to design...and the possibility that it wouldn't apply to the least-common-denominator and would be niche.
  6. Honestly why is there even a trade chat? IT just gets flooded with plat-farming bots anyway. There should be more systems that allow an open barter system or perhaps just more ease-of-use with going back and forth to trade on forums. Maybe even a secondary system entirely like some form of auction house. I'd rather have a general player-run store rather than whatever the heck trade chat is supposed to be. There are so many posts per second that it's nearly impossible to read something anyway...
  7. On some of my warframes I essentially have "rage" builds so in some cases other schools of focus fit better. Because I have essentially turned Zenurik into "muh energy regen" for warframes that have a much higher energy dependency.
  8. AshenHaze


    Good for you. I'm sure you incorporate 100% of the playerbase.
  9. AshenHaze


    It's always been that way since potatoes existed.
  10. So can someone tell me why I was doomed to force abandon a mission? The door was perpetually locked and locked me away from the other squadmates. Now with the new system when they extracted it just extracted them but not me. I had to abandon 3 prime parts because of this and essentially waste my time. I'm furious. Warframe has been up for 6 ish years and S#&$ like this still happens? Unacceptable.
  11. At the same time, if you neglect duration you not only kill Zeph's damage (tornadoes) but her survivability.
  12. So I've noticed one of the best ways to build Zeph is via duration build. However this causes an aerial tailwind to basically launch me in ways that make my Itzal jealous. Is there any real way to control this? Maybe stop early, or slow momentum...something?
  13. You try being a WoW and Old Blizzard fan for years and watch them turn their world full of rich story and characters into an amusement ride of lost potential and Skinner Boxes and not being upset.
  14. To be a birdperson. Duh. Also Arakkoa lore. And if you are concerned about customization options plumage colors can honestly be as wild as the imagination. Unless you're something like a kenku, in that case it would be determined by beak features, scale tint, and what have you. Nono warframe has an analogue through Zephyr. I'm complaining why other MMO based games seem to avoid that racial character archetype of 'bird person'. A lot of them actually have such races that exist in the game but for one shallow reason or another are generally never added to playable rosters.
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