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  1. N..no. I want to see more large ship variety. That's what I mean by factional :v. Sort of like having extra ship designs with their own strengths and weaknesses... Not just the same crewship design colored a dozen times...
  2. So I was kinda throwing across some ideas that I think would help expand Railjack further. I hope some folk also like them. Immersion Low and behold, I saw that there were immersive docking options from railjack to station. I cannot even begin to say how happy this makes me, but let's go even further. Let's allow players to utilize railjack as an orbiter for mission zones, when your railjack is in orbit with you, you can utilize some of the weapon systems for air support. I would also just absolutely love for factional railjack missions (such as faction wars) and to see options for the fomorian fleet attack event to have Railjack options too. I think it would also be nice to have hybrid invasion style missions where you fly railjack close to the ground and utilize it to destroy the external defenses of a fort before going in to take out a leader or render a fort inoperable. Large Ship Destruction So far, larger ships can only be taken down using artillery or boarding. This is kind of okay, but gets sort of "samey" down the line. There's also no reason to really focus on each or the other. When the forward artillery is so strong, it also nearly negates the need to board save for specific reasons. That's why I propose the following adjustments: ordinance barrage, critical weakness strike. An ordinance barrage is just how it sounds, when an enemy ship is "downed" you can alpha-strike the enemy ship with all weapons and just outright blow the ship to smithereens. A critical weakness strike would be a surgical attack against exposed weak spots (shown by highlight) that destroys the ship through an exposed point. In order to encourage variety, I also propose railjack specific arcanes that would grant bonuses based on the type of "finisher" used to destroy the larger ships. These arcanes could be like (and I'm just spitballing ideas here) "arcane barrage - destroying a crewship with an ordinance barrage grants increased fire rate for 30 seconds." This way, players can eve further customize their ideal approach to combat and provide fun buffs in the process. Ship designs There is a desperate need for more "crewship" size vessels. With all the new mods and power creep going on, I'm certain a good railjack could take on an entire flotilla. I propose adding more racial crewship designs that fit in with the overall theme of the races. Grinder already have designs for things like destroyers, frigates, and galleons. It would be enjoyable to have something other than three different enemies with dozens of reason colors... Corpus, being proxy focused, might even benefit from specific proxy style ships that are utterly AI controlled and cannot be boarded, granting even more incentive to utilize the secondary forms of attack to finish off the larger vessel. A corpus carrier that sends off fighters would be a welcome addition too. Not everything has to send ramsleds. Fleet Command Another thing that comes to mind is with all of these new ship ideas and the old ones, why not have a mechanism that allows you to benefit from capturing ships? With the expanse of the crew tab, and the allowance of liches and others to be used as crew members, why not have a mechanism that "promotes" a good crew mate to the rank of admiral and allows them to do passive missions using stolen ships? This could be the way that railjack arcanes, mods, endo, and even specialist elite cree members can be found. Even better would be the moment you promote a crew member to the rank of admiral they also unlock passives or powers that can be used on specific fleet-management devices to assist with difficult missions. Admiral abilities could include: speed reduction on the overall mission time, firepower bonus to decrease enemy overall victory chance, a repair bonus to increase your chance of victory on certain maps. You would be able to preview a crew members abilities when selecting them at Ticker. Admirals can level up, increasing their overall success rate. You can have at most five admirals and once the crew member is an admiral they can no longer be a crew member. The process of making an admiral would have a timer involved if you wanted to "demote" back to crew member, that way the chance of exploiting the system decreases. Each ship that goes on a mission also would take the crew along with them, providing even more incentive to establish yourself with a full roster with multiple roles. The gameplay of Fleet Manager would be fairly simple. An overlay of the existing map through a specific console (built in the dojo or accessible through the railjack hologram in the liset) which shows active missions, mission difficulty, rewards, and admiral experience. A victory would obviously result in obtaining the listed rewards after the specific time. A loss would ultimately send a ship into need of repair after losing too much "integrity". Its sort of like deploying a resource drone and higher level missions would obviously drain much more. This idea would also sync well with any ideas for a mobile app as the layout is simple, rewarding, and adds depth to the railjack system and incentive to play. Anyway, hope ya all like. I've been on hiatus for like 8 months or so and I'm at my lunch break typing this. I just really, really wanna see the railjack system even more attractive. (t. Hydroid and Sevegoth main)
  3. No no I mean like. Have corpus drone carriers... Grinder destroyers and galleons... Stuff like that. So yeah, racial designs.
  4. Please for the love of all that is holy can we have more racial ship designs for railjack and flotillas?
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