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  1. I'm just happy that the weapons I want to riven are unpopular. I get a lot of nice things for basically dirt because I'm not chasing a meme meta. 😄
  2. You mean you have issues with their telepathy? Seriously just walk in front of some dude on the other end of the map. The entire base goes nuts.
  3. Problem is, I'm a "Farmer" by salesman profile. When I was still in a sales industry with commission, I would focus more on relationships with my clients and make sure I was tending to my current clients. My growth rate is steady and my loss rate is lower than average. Companies definitely prefer "Hunter" profiles. The types of people who will do anything to get a sale. Their growth is insanely high but they also lose a lot, the variance is like a steep roller coaster of ups and downs. I'm not sure why, economically, the second is preferred. But I guess that's why in my industry I we
  4. Honestly, I'm super #*!%ing impressed and might drop plat. This is an ACTUAL GAME MECHANIC. Not some S#&$ty 99% damage resist Mr. X slow walk nonsense. I really hope they keep the designers that made this one as it feels more like I'm playing a video game rather than a Korean grinder.
  5. 1) The prime version still looks like absolute @#$% on a shingle and carries a corpus theme that literally came out of nowhere. Is DE telling me Corpus are knightly? Or is DE just telling me Corpus love nature? Neither of which seem true according to lore. 2) I'm going to show you two links, one with a fantasy knight the other with a fantasy druid. If you think oberon looks anything like the second then I'm going to consider the rest of your argument invalid due to the fact that you obviously are visually impaired. 3) Stuff is put on delay if there are similar things in nature. Wha
  6. Yet another Oberon post here because honestly I don't think DE even knows what they want to do with Oberon. I really like this warframe but the fact that his visual style is so far gone I think some changes need to be done as well as visual ideas. His prime appearance is literally the worst in the game, in fact I'd go so far as to say the only thing good about Oberon is his Deluxe skin and the infested marketplace skin. What exactly was this warframe's visual plan? I still cannot tell. In lieu of this, I think that Oberon needs to be a dedicated "one or the other" sort of warframe. It's r
  7. added warframe stats changed 2 gas damage to 250 per tick. I'm not entirely sure what counts as "a lot of damage" while keeping things fair in warframe's power bloat.
  8. (Nidus needs a female equivalent, no?) Passive - Assimilate Whenever Filari stealth-kills a unit they take the previous killed unit's form for 30 seconds. This is unaffected by power duration. During this time you can walk and run but not jump nor attack. Doing anything but walking and running will break the effect. While Filari takes the form of an enemy unit, you rouse no suspicion and can freely open doors, hack panels and move about freely. You can move back and forth from operator form as normal and it will not break the effect. 1 - Siphon - Filari sends out a concealed pr
  9. But what happens when there's like....5 open world areas? Unless it's limited to certain faction vs faction?
  10. If there's only 5 people that you've encountered that meet a criteria of 'ignore player' why do you need it? If it's literally only .1% of the population, as you presented yourself, why would anyone implement this? Why would developers waste precious time on adding this insanely insignificant feature for an insanely insignificant target range? Also, how have you ever played with a random twice? I've never had the same random more than once.
  11. I'm saying that while I was playing, my character's own attacks were interrupted by a boss's melee attacks. Due to the nature of the boss I couldn't even get a single attack in because of the auto-block feature forcing me to block rather than attack.
  12. So I just got out of a 24 minute quest to Uranus. I am a returning player and thought "what the heck, wouldn't it be fun to duke it out with Tyl Regor melee vs melee style? Turns out I was way wrong. Due to the fact that he keeps running back and forth out of his melee combo, I had to resort to using the operator because if I got close (and was melee'd) I would autoblock even if I was in combo and lose all potential for attacking. Can't we just change it so blocking only occurs when you're not attacking?
  13. IIRC, Nightwave was introduced to try and draw back the casual crowd. What you are defining is still technically the "daily" stuff which is easier. I think the first week I started I had to complete a certain amount of Sorties so...
  14. I do what I can, and after two weeks I'm already at rank 8. By the end of this week I'll probably be at 12 or something depending on how many misc missions I complete. I really, really don't see what the problem is, especially since it's always a flat 10k to 'rank'. This means, in total, you only need 300k to max out if that's your goal (which mine is because I -WANT- that armor). Now if I'm getting 40k a week or so just derping around that means I'll max out in a bout six weeks. Not to mention you get 1k every day from random missions. The only thing I'm sad about is that I can't do Prof
  15. Melee 3.0 will include dual wielding with any single secondary and any single melee weapon. I was sold at that point, the rest is gravy.
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