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  1. Seeing the same problem. MK3 Sigma engines don't actually increase engine speed. What a waste.
  2. *sigh* Still have Tactical Avionics ignoring Avionics Grid upgrades.
  3. *sigh* Attempted a Railjack mission. I say attempted cause somehow attempted to take Pilot position only to end up stuck in Archwing at the pilot station such that no in-game hotkeys (such as Tactical in ship fast travel, anything) were listening. Had to hit escape to even chat. /unstuck did nothing. Would help if you actually made Railjack playable.
  4. Tactical Avionics do not appear to benefit from Avionics Grid upgrades. Go into Dojo, find that they're apparently unupgraded, take them out slot them back in they show the upgrades properly. Then go into mission, check tactical screen aaaaand tooltip says they're back to unupgraded.
  5. *deeper sigh* Attempted another Railjack mission as host. I say attempted because first, Titanium and such were STILL getting the "resources picked up" noise, despite setting it to public I had no one drop in (indicating matchmaking still doesn't work properly for Railjack), and to top it all off the HUD disappeared so I couldn't see where hostile targets were, railjack health, anything. I had been looking forward to Railjack. Past tense. Now I find it yet another unplayable, frustrating mess. Add in the RNG railjack gear and I have gone from feeling hopeful for the game to honestly considering if it is worth the hard drive space.
  6. *sigh* Tried another Railjack mission. Got popups in the bottom left for Titanium, Asterite, et cetera. Also, was unable to see when a forge station was already busy, even when standing right next to it. Finally, that idiotic "Refinement" is still a problem.
  7. *sigh* Just queued up a New Loka syndicate mission, ended up in a Steel Meridian mission because matchmaking is so borked.
  8. Been having similar issues. Just tried to go into New Loka Survival, ended up in a non-syndicate sabotage without any indication why.
  9. *sigh* Just did another Kuva Flood. No relic. What gives?
  10. Additional thoughts that I forgot with the last post: Why do the Liches steal mission rewards? It doesn't feel like anything other than Kuva Lich Island demanding a visit, and in turn an admission that Kuva Lich Island itself doesn't have anything to draw the player to it. A nagging, a harassing of the player's time rather than anything engaging.
  11. I recall a discussion about the upcoming Empyrean aka Railjack last Tennocon, about making "islands" and Railjack was instead going to reconnect those islands. Kuva Liches, so far, are the exact opposite. The Kuva Lich content is creating a dull, uninteresting island: the only way for one player to even detect another has a Kuva Lich is by going on Kuva Lich missions, or in other words, going to Kuva Lich Island. Kuva Lich island doesn't have anything interesting. The entire system just feels padded, bloated, pointlessly frustrating to the player. Getting Murmurs is a tiring slog that just drags on and on. For a brief moment, when we got murmurs for squadmates liches, that was much better, I'd almost say about right. It also meant that if someone found their lich out the gate and killed it, well you weren't getting any more thralls, but you got a bunch of murmurs so everyone's happy. Now? If someone gets and kills their lich out the gate, everyone else feels like they should be doing these missions solo, further isolating the experience on Kuva Lich Island. Kuva Lich Island doesn't offer any side benefits, anything otherwise interesting that could be done on the island while you're trudging your way through your murmur farming. You talked about a "Power Inversion"... this doesn't feel anything like that. The "oh, screw it up and the Lich just kills you" mechanic just feels pointlessly punishing the player for having the gall to actually play the game. The RNG on top of RNG on top of RNG feels padded, an attempt to conceal a lack of actual content by needlessly frustrating the player. Kuva Liches don't feel actually difficult, just cheaty and BS and makes my eyes roll. I don't feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a lich. I feel a sense of "ugh, done. Why do I want to do this?" Meanwhile, the Liches themselves... me, personally, I find the "Logical" personality to be akin to nails on a chalkboard. The "Jovial" personalities I find more amusingly irritating. That said, I know at least one friend who has the exact opposite opinions in the Lich personalities but all of this wouldn't be such a drawback if the Murmur hunt wasn't so long and boring and aggravating. The Kuva weaponry having the Paracesis' rank 40 with 5 forma mechanic is a worrying sign that makes me want to look elsewhere going forward because it is yet another long, boring, slog. A way to pad out by demanding the player rank up the same weapon 5 times, demanding 5 times or more the time investment for the same amount of content. Kuva Liches has made me consider trying Destiny because if this is the way Warframe intends to go forward... perhaps it's time to find some other game that still respects its players.
  12. Just did a Kuva Flood. No relic in the mission rewards screen.
  13. Requiem mods are not showing owned amounts in mission reward screen. https://imgur.com/a/bE2YBvu First image is me mousing over a Khra during the mission, second is me checking mods on the orbiter. In mission game claims I don't have any. Mods screen fesses up I already had one.
  14. *sigh* Just did another Kuva Flood. Rescue on Jupiter. No relic.
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