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  1. One of today's Steel Meridian missions is Exterminate on the Formido node of Deimos. I ran the mission solo with all 4 Dragon keys in my gear wheel, found the Orokin vault and retrieved the prize. When I got back to my orbiter, however, no Corrupted mod was rewarded. I checked my recent mod acquisitions in the console in case it simply wasn't shown but I didn't receive anything else.
  2. I also received the 3x Scintillant drop on logging in today. This was delivered as part of the latest hotfix, as per the patch notes. Thanks, DE, for sorting it out. 👍
  3. Same issue here on PC. Account Management says I'm connected, Twitch says I claimed the drop, all other drops (other games and WF drops prior to the x-bone problem) have been working fine, no scintillant received. :(
  4. Same. I was waiting on the extraction pad in a mission during yesterday's sortie and my kavat was over 200m away engaging mobs.
  5. Same here. I was able to force the echo lure by putting it in my regular gear wheel and selecting it from there. I only have Kubrodon pheromone and it is displayed in slot 3 despite not being available on the gear wheel when I hold the '3' key.
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