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  1. I do not want any Chinese Themed Warframe quests. They are totally going to end up ruining Warframe's Lore.... Warframe is a global game, why should Chinese Warframe have a big impact on everyone else? I swear by the time this is all over were going to have every single Chinese Mythology God. You wan't my honest opinion? These new warframe's don't fit the universe of Warframe. I mean Wukong was alright but Nezha just looks totally out of place to me
  2. Twitch: Shekho IGN: Shekho Looking forward to this prime time :)
  3. Surely this post cannot be a serious post. That is ridiculous
  4. SWEET :D
  5. I have a feeling I'm going to be using this a lot, Thank You!
  6. Actual mission type is now displayed when hovering over an Infestation Outbreak node. Thank you
  7. Thanks! I thought it was me at only at first... EDIT: It's fixed! I love DE
  8. I'm LOVING all these fan fictions! Please never stop posting these Warframe Community!
  9. I really had a awesome time playing this new update, I really like how infested is now, feels so much more exciting! Thanks DE!