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  1. So was just thinking about expanding on the melee system a little since they are combos in the game, what would u guys think of adding a weapon skill to all prime weapons. Only prime so that the primes have a clearer distinction. So you do a small but specific sequence and it does an atk specific to the weapon. Dmg increase along with range of atk. Thoughts?
  2. He didn't explain it cause that's like saying a new person should be able to fight oRb mother what sense does that make.
  3. So ur saying that the ones who have played not only longer but invested time to learn the game enough to play the harder content should be given no reward for passing harder content because a new person who just started playing or was playing for a while and didn't take the time to learn anything Will whine about not being able to do it. Ok ... So when u started u couldn't do eidolons. Even though they had great rewards(arcanes) And u gave one bull crap about arcanes when u started? The answer is no u didn't care about arcanes until u were strong enough to get them or knowledgeable enough to want one. Then u geared urself to get them. U people baffle me.
  4. Those who insist that the hardmode shouldn't be giving better rewards there is one word for you. Selfcentered. Ur only thinking about how u feel about it. If it has no rewards u get challenging content(ur satisfied) If the hardmode has rewards u get challenging content and (ur satisfied) Why are u now bothered by they being better rewards. It benefits the ones who dont want rewards and those who want rewards the same so let's move on because your literally bothered about something that doesnt concern u cause the difficulty is there either way.
  5. Dps for new moa not cutting it . Def needs alot of work
  6. It baffles me why after the long time its Tuesday. Not Monday to make it a fresh week launch. Not now since it's already passed and has took forever since to be launched in June(june 30 major technicality since it's basically july eve) Ur gonna put so much pressure on urselfs that this launch has to go smooth and had to be as bug free as possible just so it's a June launch
  7. For the love of God 1. Make unairu wisps glow or hover and glow or something so they can be seen. 2. Quills and other syndicates when adding standing something that can add all instead of single entry. 3. Names bold ,enlarge with distance or icon when allies are in open world so u can see them even when ur using something like stealth or unairu cloak. 4. The moa's are slow I get it . But because they are slow they should warp to their owner if outside a smaller range than it is now. Seems like they are set up to fail. Also the attack moa precepts dont really work and dont do much. At least make the atk moa have increase atk dmg for the weapon so it makes sense choosing it. 5. You guys are Doing great so far but the unairu wisp one for sure is kinda ridiculous. Esp since it's mainly used in eidolons and at night time. That one is one that def needs changing.
  8. Thankyou got all the hard work guys its not easy making something and trying to make most of the game community happy most of the time. Looking forward to seeing it. ***** Btw I'm kinda newish to the game by some peoples standards and there is one thing that confuses me. Why are primes so similar. The tiny stat increase is okish but why not an increase in mod slots or something making it something u feel more urgent or at least add it leave it locked and make a quest or something that unlocks ur hidden potential.
  9. Broken warframe Passive You and Allies in the party gain higher sentient resistance. The less people they are the more they get Or Conduit ability where operators get 5% or the buffs warframes in the party casts(since operators get no boosts from warframes) Ability 1 Upon activation fires a close range wave of sentient energy which the enemy has no resistance for . Small to medium dmg .no mana cost but recovers like 5 mana per use with a decent reload time based on dmg chosen. Ability 2 Upon activation cast a dmg aura that can be selected from a list of a few like radiation, corrosive ,magnetic. Allies get the buff but it increases their resistance to said effects instead. Could have a second function that switches it where the user gets defence and others get dmg increase. The more players the higher the drain. Ability 3 Overload skill malfunctions and explodes doing great aoe dmg with a reassemble time. While its separated its core stays in one place and can be damaged by enemies. After it fully reconnects the health is restored. Ability 4 Upon cast triggers a random 4th ability from other warframes in the party(or find 4 it's made out of and picks from those abilities) one should be a group heal.
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