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  1. So in less than 30 minutes, I've had the exact same thing happen twice - I fell through the floor, losing some valuable progress on a couple of bounties, though not both times. First time it happened, I used the K-Drive and immediately fell through. I was able to revert back to normal by leaving the squad. The second time, I stole a Dargyn, flew around a little bit, lost the Dargyn for some reason (It just disappeared, I wasn't shot at or anything), was stuck in the air for about 10 seconds and proceeded to slam into the ground, hoping to get out, only to fall through the floor, again. This time, I had already left the squad and had to abort the mission, losing several of the items I had gathered.
  2. I shouldn't have to invest the excessive amount of time needed to get the gear for this. As ineffective as Imperator is, it shouldn't be a factor as to whether or not I'm able to complete a mission, so early in the Archwing missions, due to a shoddy hitbox. Either way, I hope DE and PB looks into it and fix it.
  3. Just got to the last step on an Orb bounty, only to encounter an assassination taget that was completely immortal. Emptied both secondary and primary ammo only to have the timer run out after wailing like a mad man with melee.
  4. I thought for the life of me that it was my own lack of aim, but good to know I'm not the only one.
  5. So I've been trying to do the Rush on Kepler - Phobos 5 times now and I can, without a shadow of doubt, say that something is clearly not functioning. I've been trying to get up close and personal with the drones to melee them, focus fire for at least half a minute on a single one, spam missiles and the result has been the same, each time - Nothing happens, not even a single tick of damage. Can anyone else confirm whether this is a global glitch?
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