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  1. Thanks for the update. until you guys fix the update can we use vpns? I contacted support about using them and I was told it is a grey area and I kinda don't wanna get my account banned for using a vpn
  2. issue is now worse. I can't invite/get invited by anyone nor can I join any public squad. This happened since this last hotfix
  3. So after the last hotfix I can't join any squad. I cant view my friendlist nor invite/get invited by anyone. Game says I appear to be offline. also the trading issue still exist I opened the port 4950 and 4955 in both my windows firewall and my router but the issue still exist
  4. I think this started happening since yesterday's hotfix cause I didn't have this issue before People would invite me to dojo and when I go there they can't see me. either in the dojo or in the trading post. neither can I.
  5. it's coming with with update 30 which should be coming in april
  6. I hate the look of it. it kinda looks creepy and weird. I kinda prefer the old ones to the new ones
  7. when you launch a free flight mission as soon as you load in you get tons of plexus affintiy +archwing/gun/melee affinity
  8. So I randomly went to free flight to test my guns till I noticed that I got 18 ranks to my plexus out of the sudden. it also gives about 4500 to archguns and arch melee
  9. Hi, So in the grineer missions where you have to go inside a building in railjack and have the railjack crew destroy a reactor inside. I noticed that my pilot flys away from the building. So next mission I decided that before I go into the building that I would make the pilot a defender so he won't fly away from the building and made the railjack face the reactor before I go in thinking that the gunner will shoot the reactor when it pops out. Turns out they don't shoot the reactors at all. I hope you guys fix this cause it is kinda annoying having to teleport back then go back in th
  10. if you "gladly" spent 150k and 10-15m credits which looks like it wasn't an issue for you. why do you care if DE changes the costs or not?
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