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  1. Support just tell you to put it on the forums.
  2. Whenever I try to reset any of my crewmates competency points if just moves the cursor to the left. I’m not sure If this is just an Xbox only issue.
  3. What about not being able to reset crew member stats?
  4. We do stay subliminal and may as well be invisible
  5. And the fact that spring began on 20th of March and ends 21st of June so April makes sense.
  6. Unlikely this update is about Railjack you could put it in bug reports tho.
  7. Will this update fix how the map in dojo overlaps if you have multiple floors?
  8. Do you get the parts for railjack collected on mission?
  9. They said they don't have a release date yet. It's not out on console or NSW
  10. It was the second most visited until the Railjack 29.0 and 3.0 announcement people were doing the anomaly one to get Shedu parts. Now most people are like I better start grinding Gian point to get intrinsics to afford new ranks of command intrinsics and just want to finish the ones we have now.
  11. I think they said 29.0 is on pc first in 2 weeks console I’m not sure yet
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