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  1. It's a really easy quest and it used to be longer to build each part now it's easier and shorter and cheaper.
  2. Might take time to come bc slow servers you can always send a support ticket. I received the armour and don't even have the ticket.
  3. This is because the higher you rank a mod and then equip it the lower the stats not a bug it’s part of the game higher ranked mod lower stats for certain things higher for others same for weapons say I had a mod that increased status chance then unequipped that status chance mod for an an attack speed one it would lower that stat to what it was originally.
  4. Are you sure this isn’t that just that specific controller acting up?
  5. I have random glass that can’t be removed from my dojo through decoration or anything it isn’t in any other of the rooms including other inspiration halls just this 3rd one.
  6. Do a defence mission as unlimited time and unlimited enemies to kill.
  7. I wonder how much harder it will be to get Sisters compared to Kuva liches and what will be better to use on railjack.
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