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  1. Hello, I just purchased the Nidus Tennogen off of Steam and then hopped into a mission only to find that my build configurations had been wiped completely clean. When I got back to the orbiter, I found all of the mods and arcanes were gone. I was able to put them back, but figured that was an odd bug worth mentioning. -Jumbo
  2. Hello! I am really enjoying Sevagoth! He's fun to play. I have run into a few bugs that I'm hoping can be fixed. 1. Returning from Sevagoth's Shadow back to Sevagoth more often than not resets the Field of View. Maybe FoV is not the right term, but the camera is closer to Sevagoth's back than it normally is. I have to pop out into Operator and come back to the frame to reset the camera distance. I have my FoV set to max normally. 2. When going into Sevagoth's Shadow, I occasionally cannot use Heavy Attack. This happened about 50% of the time in the last mission I was in. EDIT: I fig
  3. I tried searching for this and I don't think it has already been reported: There's a bug getting locked out of the Dorsal Turret. TYPE: Railjack feature stops working DESCRIPTION: If you are using the railjack dorsal turret and get pulled out to do the main mission, the option to use the turret disappears for the rest of that session. REPRODUCTION: Join somebody else's railjack for a quest. Use the dorsal turret and stay there while the rest of the squad triggers the main ground portion of the mission. If the rest of the squad assembles on the objective to start the mission,
  4. Hello! I happen to be levelling a Zaw right now with Exodia Contagion. I noticed that the kills from the Exodia Contagion projectile are not registering as "kills while aim gliding" for Nightwave. I specifically held the aim glide from the time of the throw until the kill registered to test this. Thanks! -Jumbo
  5. Hello again! It seems like some work was done on this problem and for a while I thought it was fixed. Unfortunately I ran into this bug again yesterday while I was putting some forma on Revenant and levelling him on Hydron. Enthralling the Hyekka masters seemed to not be an issue the first few times, but I did ultimately bug out one of my missions at Wave 10 with friendly Hyekkas that wouldn't let the mission end. I aborted the mission first to try and salvage it for my squadmates and I forgot to check if I was host before doing so. Sorry. Thanks for looking into this again! -Jumbo
  6. Hello, I just did the assassination quest for Mutalist Alad V on The Steel Path solo and it's an atrocious player experience. My mission ran for nearly 14 minutes just so I could get less than 20 seconds of time where Alad V was not invulnerable. Alad can only be damaged for a split second when he takes his collar off and uses it to do a knockdown explosion. If you don't get knocked down (even on Valkyr), you can get 1 or 2 hits in before he's invulnerable again. What ended up happening was just me wailing on a barely moving invulnerable Alad V for more than ten minutes just so I wo
  7. Thanks for taking the time to look into this! I can confirm that I was able to cast EV on my squadmate's vulpaphyla during a fissure mission in the last day or two - no radiation hazard. Same thing happened in that the vulpaphyla took my EV cast but took no damage and gave no energy back. It also locked me out of recasting Energy Vampire until the full duration ran out. The first time I noticed this happening was in Fortuna where I don't think there was the threat of radiation procs. I'll give some more details on how I play Trinity for the sake of replication. For Tank Trinity I ha
  8. Hello! I decided to invest some forma into my Sigma and Octantis today and noticed a bug. I am using the Eleventh Storm stance and I noticed that the weapon will occasionally get stuck in the shield throw animation. The weapon will be stuck doing the single hit until another jump melee shield throw is executed. That seems to reset the weapon so that it can do all of the combos again. I don't think I was the host when I ran into this issue. I think the bug happens when the warframe gets airborne in the middle of the melee combo animation. In my case I think I was doing the forward mov
  9. Bump to this topic. I was able to confirm that I cast Energy Vampire on my own Panzer Vulpaphyla while doing the sortie today. It did no damage to my pet and did not give me any energy. The ability then ran the full duration which locked me out of recasting it on another target. Thanks! -Jumbo
  10. Hello! I reasonably certain that Trinity's Link and EV have a friendly fire recognition issue with squad Vulpaphylas. I was helping my friends level Necromechs in Fortuna when I noticed this issue. I was not the host. I believe I saw my Trinity's Link connect to my squadmate's Vulpaphyla. I think I was also able to cast Energy Vampire on the same pet. It was pretty chaotic, so I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think this happened at least twice. I don't remember what type of Vulpaphyla it was. Maybe the targeting gets messed up after a devolution larvae respawn. I don't think L
  11. Hello! I've run into this bug on Helene, Saturn and Hydron, Sedna. The first time it happened, a Nyx on my team Mind Controlled a Hyekka Master who then spawned 2-3 Hyekkas. After the mind control ran out on the Hyekka Master, we were able to kill her but the Hyekkas she spawned were not able to be targeted. They also prevented the game from seeing the Wave as completed. We ended up having to abandon the mission. I ran into this bug again recently with a Xaku on my squad. I'm unfamiliar with Xaku's abilities so I'm not sure what exactly caused it, but the Xaku player seemed to think the
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