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  1. Bump to this topic. I was able to confirm that I cast Energy Vampire on my own Panzer Vulpaphyla while doing the sortie today. It did no damage to my pet and did not give me any energy. The ability then ran the full duration which locked me out of recasting it on another target. Thanks! -Jumbo
  2. Hello! I reasonably certain that Trinity's Link and EV have a friendly fire recognition issue with squad Vulpaphylas. I was helping my friends level Necromechs in Fortuna when I noticed this issue. I was not the host. I believe I saw my Trinity's Link connect to my squadmate's Vulpaphyla. I think I was also able to cast Energy Vampire on the same pet. It was pretty chaotic, so I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think this happened at least twice. I don't remember what type of Vulpaphyla it was. Maybe the targeting gets messed up after a devolution larvae respawn. I don't think L
  3. Hello! I have a request to balance the sequence of sounds that plays when you acquire a Requiem Murmur. It starts with kind of a dry, one dimensional whisper sound followed by a loud and reverberating boom. This plays every time a player kills a Kuva Lich Thrall which is something like 30+? times per lich. Multiply that by 16 Kuva weapons and the intrusiveness can really grate on the nerves. To be honest, I didn't even realize the boom after the whisper was coming from the game for a while. I usually play Warframe with a Twitch streamer playing on a second screen. When I first start
  4. Hello! Last night I joined a Requiem Murmur mission on Ishtar, Venus. I play on PC. When I spawned into the mission, I was stuck under the textures of the map. I tried to move around a little and started falling. After falling for a little while, I used the Unstuck command and it put me into the Granum Void. The Granum Void mission was not running. Jumping off the Granum map and using Unstuck again put me back on the Granum map. I could look up and see the waypoint markers for the regular mission 1300-1500 meters away depending on where I stood in the Granum Void. My squadmates ended up com
  5. +1 to the previous post. I had the Shield Osprey get 153 meters away from Latrox while doing this bounty yesterday. It was yearning for freedom.
  6. As a follow up to my previous post, it seems that self-stagger in general is missing from the Simulacrum, not just for the Zymos. The same thing happened when I tested the Staticor. On a semi-related note: it seems that Cautious Shot equipped on a Primary does not affect Self-Stagger from Secondaries. Garuda's Dread Mirror also does not block self-stagger from these weapons. -Jumbo
  7. Hello! The Zymos self-stagger is not currently working correctly in the Simulacrum. I had levelled a Zymos when Deimos was released and then shelved it long enough to forget about the stagger. Last night I had the idea to try and use it to spread status as a Condition Overload primer and to trigger more slash procs from Garuda's Seeking Talons. I took it for a spin in the Simulacrum before going to sleep and it worked great. This morning I woke up excited to put together the new kit with some Forma and even the Tiamet Tennogen skin for Garuda for an overall cohesive Infested theme. As soon
  8. Hello! I ran into a bug last night while doing some leveling in Helene, Saturn. It was a Meso fissure and I was not the host. I was playing Ash Prime and used by Blade Storm (4) ability to mark a bunch of enemies. I then executed the ability and then used Teleport (3) to join my clones in assassinating the marked enemies. I am using the Lethal Teleport augment. I think what happened is some of the marked enemies became corrupted by void fissures while I was still executing Blade Storm. The invulnerable enemies glitched the Blade Storm and I was stuck playing in the cinematic camera a
  9. Hello, I just saw the Exploiter Orb and some Coolant Raknoids inside of Fortuna. They were there when I came back from completing a Bounty so I'm not sure which instance it was. They were by Eudico and shooting at Solarans. I don't think anybody else could see them and they weren't actually doing any damage. I was able to jump onto the Exploiter's vents and stand on it while slowing sinking through it. I grabbed a couple of screen caps I can pass along if need be. -Jumbo
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