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  1. (Dont know where to put this thread) Just a really small request: (Only on the Dark theme) Change this To: to make the background of profile images transparent on dark themes work on the coloring of the spoilers as well, text almost invisible (dark grey on dark grey)
  2. had the same problem, something in the settings does change the brightness by alot! (its not the brightness slider) Try resetting settings to default. worked for me perfectly. Most of the time i do experience this problem on NVIDIA Geforce NOW.
  3. Keep up the good work and stay healthy! ❤️
  4. Thank you for your work in such hard times 😄
  5. Thanks for the hotfix especially the satelite changes!
  6. Kinda wanna know whats in there now 😄
  7. Update is working for me, maybe youll have to whait a few seconds/minutes before restarting the Launcher
  8. Soulxx3

    Login Failed Error.

    Issue is still going on. It worked for the last few days but now again. Just got up, was pumped to play and grind that affinity booster but meh... no warframe for me
  9. Soulxx3

    Login Failed Error.

    That would be more than enough... Im sitting here since 2 and a half hours, trying to log into the game every 5-10 minutes, wasting time... Would like to play a few more minutes and enjoy the rest of the day. Just tell us: "Yea we might have some login problems, we are working on it, could take us 12 hours to fix" and i would be more than happy with that so i dont keep trying and i just do something else for the rest of my day. (Not that i couldnt do that, you know the problems of a gamer :P)
  10. Soulxx3

    Login Failed Error.

    Happening for me as well for the last 20 minutes, got to the state of "network not responding" as well for a second but then threw me the same error again. Tried on 2 different machines as well as mobile app (all 3 on different networks and 2 of them over IPv6), no VPN used. Changed my password as well, still same issue.
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