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  1. We all know that /unstuck can get even the most tangled tenno back on to more tenable terrain (thank you) but the glitch that causes your face buttons and firing to stop working - effectively turning your warframe into a stumbling brick (transference seems to cause this) isn't rectified by this - in fact mid game the only fix is to get killed. Now. Sometimes that isn't as easy as it sounds, and with self damage now removed, there is no way of effectively... killing your frame. Is there a command, or would it not be an idea (a good one I think) to have a self detonation command like /ohno /endme /nuke that we can trigger in these circumstances? I'm having to abort matches halfway through in some cases as without being able to kill them, or they me, I'm effectively in stalemate. It is very irksome. Thoughts? (yes I've raised the bug in the correct area etc but seems this has been going on for a couple years, across all platforms).
  2. Is there any way of bumping or escalating this? It keeps happening and is really game destroying. This must be up there as a major incident, as there's no known fix or workaround. Please fix this or at least allow us a self destruct command actually I might start a new thread...
  3. Completely game breaking the only thing to do is let the enemies kill you however on some levels and because if the arcanes I have equipped they can't kill me - thus happens at least once a session and its really rubbish as I have to quit/abort, effecting my stats. After transferring in from being in the operator mode, a I can do is run and jump, Warframe won't turn, use weapons or abilities. Can still open menus but that's it. Jumping of a chadm doesn't help you need to get killed which, in some circumstances, isn't possible. Please please please fix this. I see this has been ongoing bug since 2017....
  4. Keep buying the weapon blueprints you can afford from the market, level up in helene, hydron or sanctuary. Buy all the sentinel companions from the arsenal Rank up the amp prisms and the moa types Replicate all the blueprints you can from your clan's tenno, energy, chem and bio labs A lot of later weapons use earlier (in terms of MR level) weapons as components so be sure and check before selling off 'MR fodder' weapons Rank up all kubrow and kavat breeds, and the main k-drive boards Then tackle the lich enemies, each of their weapons can be ranked to level 40 Level up all archwings and arch guns Complete all the junctions, clear the star chart and make sure you get the syndicate weapons (each syndicate has three weapons) Plus the invasion weapons (snipetron vandal etc) and the ones rewarded through nightwave credits, baro and the two from little duck currently as part of scarlet spear. And I've definitely left some out. (all the prime weapons and frames for instance). Sell prime parts for plat and buy affinity boosters if you really want to boost up quicker. Check the codex for a full list of all the weapons and stuff you've mastered, along with achievements and such. Codex doesn't get enough love but it's a good track of your progress. Use the wiki.
  5. "you are the hope and future of the tenno" See second image under the Alphabet section on this page of the wiki, top left example. It's this text you're seeing https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orokin_Language Direct link to image: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orokin_Language?file=Tennobet1.png
  6. Old bug I think but still present if you select your K-drive too quickly on entering the orb vallis you will hear the launch noise but the thing won't appear, and you can't re-launch it as it appears greyed out on gear wheel. Only fix is to exit and re-enter the vallis, effective aborting any mission you're on. Must remember to wait until the game finishes loading properly - you can tell when as the pink race icon that appears next to the vallis entrance always spawns whether there is a race there or not, if the race isn't currently one of the active ones it will disappear - then it is safe to launch k-drive. How is this still a thing?? 😞
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