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  1. Oh I totally understand and I hope he comes with a skin option that is more similar to the original for everyone who enjoys the aesthetic. It stinks that it became the issue that it did, but we can’t change that now and for that reason I do think they’ll go a little more masculine for the base design of his prime.
  2. They can still make him small without making him look as meme-able as the original does.
  3. That looks sick and is definitely along the lines of what I expect them to do.
  4. Well if they were ever going to deviate from the norm on this Nezha would definitely be the frame where they do it. I’m expecting a more masculine take on the original myself but I certainly wouldn’t complain if you were correct since his deluxe skin is straight fire.
  5. Considering no prime has ever been made to look like their deluxe skin and they are always based on the original design I seriously doubt this will be the case, though I definitely agree that they will try to make him look less....meme-able if you know what I mean. I think it’ll be based off his original design, just a little bulkier perhaps to help with the jokes.
  6. I can agree about the problems with stat stick frames in general, I think stat sticks are bad for the game and I’d prefer if they just didn’t exist at all. Just let us mod the pseudo-exalteds the same way we mod regular exalteds and I’d be happy.
  7. Naramon has the downside of forgoing all other focus schools. That might not be a downside to you, but it would be to anyone who likes any of the other schools. Using naramon to extend your combo counter is at least forcing the player to make a meaningful choice. Xoris did not do this. It allowed players to get their combo counter to 12x and just leave it there with zero downside or trade off. Sure you can get more damage with other setups at 12x, but maintaining that combo forever in normal gameplay is simply not feasible. You can extend it with naramon, but again at least that is a meaningful choice with a trade off.
  8. No, that’s not the only thing the Xoris did. I clearly laid out why I think the Xoris was unbalanced, I’m not about to repeat myself and you haven’t said anything to change my opinion.
  9. What’s the point of even having a combo counter if the Xoris just lets you build it to 12x and keep it forever? At least with naramon there’s a downside of forgoing the other focus schools. There is some trade off to using naramon that actually forces you to make a meaningful choice, for example someone that loves the Zenurik energy benefits may decide it’s not worth it to use naramon. But the Xoris on the other hand had literally zero downside. Just a free forever combo counter with zero effort. I feel like I’m living in bananaland where people think that should be fine.
  10. Why does it matter if their survivability is tied to an ability? Since I don’t have access to other means of healing, I play Wukong so I can heal myself with cloud walker. Same with Nezha, I can mitigate damage with warding halo. That’s the whole point of those abilities so I’m failing to see the problem here. Tons of frames have either healing or damage reduction or both, and those frames have no problem with survivability. Squishy frames that don’t have those options in their kits are another story though. If you only enjoy squishier frames then I can see where you’re coming from. I personally cannot play frames like banshee because I don’t have reliable access to a means of healing myself, but it sounds like you do have access to those things. I can’t give a valid opinion here without feeling disingenuous, I would need to actually try those arcanes and other survivability mods that I haven’t acquired yet before I can speak on how effective I think they are. So I will concede that you may be correct in saying DE needs to work on the survivability of some frames.
  11. Fair enough. I was definitely speaking hypothetically and it was kind of a silly hypothetical just to prove a point that it failed at proving, so I’ll just take a lap on that one. Back to the monetization topic though, you have to consider that not everyone is going to spend money the way you and your clan mates do. I’m happy to spend money on WF to support the game and the devs, but I’ll never drop my hard earned money on optional cosmetics. I don’t have the time to invest in trading so I always just buy slots, and I will also buy the occasional potato or prime part that I’m having trouble farming. Basically I’m only going to spend my money on things that are necessary (if it’s needed for mastery I consider it necessary) and I’d wager a lot of players feel the same. Cosmetics are a huge cash cow no doubt, I just don’t think DE could survive on optional cosmetics alone. Just my opinion though of course.
  12. I don’t even have Inaros personally. I also don’t have adaptation yet, or any survivability arcanes, so I do prefer frames with some type of damage reduction/healing like Nezha, Wukong, and recently a ton of Atlas since I just acquired him. I rarely use any survivability mod other than vitality, and in regular gameplay I still find it pretty hard to die. Sure it happens sometimes, and without having all the tools available to me frame choice is very important. Like, for example, if I tried to do a solo sortie survival with a banshee I would most likely fail it. But Inaros is not the only option for good survivability. Can I ask you what got nerfed though? I hardly ever pay attention to patch notes and tend get all my WF news from here or YouTube. My point being I just don’t think DE needs to add to our frames survivability. You are certainly entitled to your own opinion though.
  13. You’re still just skipping over my point of “if EVERYTHING was easily obtainable through grind.” In this scenario there are no plat-only cosmetics because EVERYTHING is grindable. Just to play along here, I still think DE would suffer greatly if the only thing they could make money on was cosmetics. It might be their biggest money maker (I don’t even know that it is but it seems like a fair assumption) but it’s not their only one. Some players don’t care at all about that stuff. They need prime access and things like potatoes that are necessary but can’t be farmed easily to generate those plat sales as well. Really feels like you’re just arguing for the sake of arguing, I don’t know how you can deny that a F2P game needs to push players to spend just a little bit.
  14. Well the point of this thread was to point out that DE puts more emphasis on enemies survivability than our own, correct? That is kind of hilarious considering we are practically invincible space gods at this point, and you want more survivability? If you can’t survive in this game with the tools that have been given you are doing something wrong. We’re nigh unkillable in regular gameplay.
  15. I’ve been doing this for months and never had a problem. Sure sometimes the sculptures start to pile up if I’m doing a lot of Arby’s but I’ll eventually fill them all. I also only play for an hour or two a day so I’m pretty casual, and just don’t see Cyan’s ever being a real problem.
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