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  1. All sound like pretty sound suggestions, and some improvements I never would have thought of myself! Perhaps one day they will make some improvements like these, but with how much they struggle just to keep putting out content it is probably a pipe dream. Personally, I would settle for just some more engaging game modes, like they did with Disruption.
  2. Fair enough, but I don’t think it’s holding it back that much. Not every enemy is an aimbot and there’s nothing wrong with having high priority targets. Just gotta kill those guys before anything else.
  3. Movement and combat are like the #1 thing that Warframe already does right. It’s the biggest reason I play the game and I think many others would agree. Why exactly do you think DE should change the best thing they have going for them?
  4. ? Let my explain myself in simple terms you can understand. Warframe combat good. Warframe movement good. DE should make game modes that capitalize on this. Really not that difficult.
  5. Lmao if this game dies in 6 months I’ll eat my shirt. Boomark this thread. I don’t think you know what a game that’s about to die really looks like. You’re entitled to your opinion but the game is still quite popular, and games far less popular than Warframe have survived for far longer. Also, nothing to do in Warframe? How many hours have you played? Because there’s people with a thousand plus hours that still have things to do in WF.
  6. Definitely, that’s why I clarified “core combat loop”. I should’ve been more clear about that, I’ll edit my post.
  7. Perhaps I should’ve clarified better. When I say core gameplay, I’m just talking about the core combat loop and movement system. So literally just the gameplay mechanics. I agree mods need a rework, status needs a rework, etc. But the core combat loop is solid and they could build something truly great around it.
  8. Ha, pretty sure I know exactly who this is about because I have the same problem. Warframe doesn’t need to change anything about the core gameplay mechanics. But some new, more engaging game modes to use those mechanics would be a welcome addition. The open worlds are fine but they need to change it up.
  9. Completely agree with everything you’ve said here. Didn’t mean to come across harsh, just was not a fan of the hyperbole in your last post. Regarding that last bit, I have only seen one or two outliers that completely oppose any negativity, and those kinds of people are always going to exist. Best to just ignore them. I think most reasonable people understand that Warframe can be fun while also being massively flawed at the same time. And I also understand a lot of players who have put a LOT of hours in this game are jaded at this point, probably for good reason, but I just hate when
  10. This kind of hyperbole is really a load of garbage. Of course the game could improve in some areas, and it’s also quite adequate in some other areas. People are going to have different opinions, and as someone above me said, the best thing you can do is own yours and respect others. This kind of drivel doesn’t help anyone.
  11. My god why can’t we just let someone enjoy the game? Why is this necessary? Just because you’re jaded doesn’t mean anyone else has to be.
  12. Depends on how you define healthy. I know Steam doesn’t represent the entire player base, but if we go by Steam player counts the game is just about as healthy as it’s ever been. Before late 2017 the game had never had a player count higher than 40k. It peaked in 2018-19 where it was up to 50k-70k for quite some time, but still today it sits between 40k-50k consistently. Just in terms of player base I would call that pretty healthy. Talking about the state of the game itself though, I agree with you.
  13. I completely understand the “deal”. I don’t think this would affect things to much, but you’re right, it really doesn’t benefit them to let us hang onto them so it’s really a selfish request that will likely never happen.
  14. Gotcha, yes I am aware of this but just had a brain fart at the terminology. My fault. And I haven’t tried the new Soma augment so I can’t speak to what that does for the weapon. It’s so much better than OK, but I digress. We can agree to disagree.
  15. Tiered critical damage which Supra Vandal can’t use? What exactly does this mean? If you’re saying it can’t use point strike, it absolutely can. The thing you’re not considering here is how many bullets this weapon fires. It doesn’t need very high crit to crit a lot. Same reason it doesn’t need a lot of status chance to proc status a lot. They’re all great weapons no doubt, but in my experience the Supra is better. And that’s not just my opinion, it’s pretty widely considered the best AR in the game. I think you’re building it wrong, but we can just agree to disagree.
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