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  1. Dude, the exclusive weapons will be made available to everyone later. There is nothing wrong with DE offering some extra incentives for those who buy the tickets and watch the stream. It’s an incentive to sell more tickets, and really not a big deal as none of the exclusive items are necessary. Take a business class or something. Also, the reason “everyone is accepting it” is because we are reasonable people, and clearly you are not.
  2. Yeah, because people who actually buy the tickets and spend time watching the event don’t deserve anything!
  3. The irony of this statement 😂 It’s actually the people who don’t understand why nerfs are necessary that act like small children. To be clear, nobody *wants* stuff to be weak. But those of us with working brains understand that balance is crucial to the health of any game, and allowing things to remain OP is bad for the overall health of the game.
  4. Uh, where have you been? DE literally addressed this during last year’s Tennocon and only showed us Deimos which was ready to ship.
  5. Yikes YoungGunn82. No dude, they (particularly @SneakyErvin) just clearly explained why you were wrong, and now you’re responding with insults. That’s a really bad look for you and not a good way to win an argument. Warframe, despite all of its problems, is clearly still a successful game. You can argue that it’s broken or that it’s not a good game if you want, but claiming that it’s not successful is just incorrect. You don’t survive for 8 years while still cracking the top 10-20 games on steam unless you are successful.
  6. “Broken” can mean a lot of different things when pertaining to video games, but in this particular case I am referring to Warframe being very unbalanced. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun; I love Warframe! But even power fantasies are still meant to have balance, and from a game design perspective Warframe is objectively and demonstrably unbalanced. There is a reason that every new game mode DE trots out is just another form of mobile defense, and why boss fights have to have complete status immunity or invulnerability phases to prevent us from decimating them in seconds.
  7. Dude what game are you playing? Because Warframe is objectively broken.
  8. God I hope this is sarcasm. There is NO CHANCE the 0% falloff is intended. Why do people never learn? If you’re being serious you honestly deserve to lose your plat.
  9. Didn’t some info come to light recently that Sony are real greedy A******s when it comes to cross play?
  10. So I’ve been playing this game over a year now and have yet to engage the Lich system outside of the Lich I accidentally created 9ish months ago. He’s just been chilling on Earth stealing my stuff when I go there. I haven’t engaged it because I just don’t see the point? I don’t care that much about the weapons since most are just re-skins with better stats, and I definitely don’t care about the Ephemeras. I’ve seen some say the Lich grind is awful, but then I’ve seen other people on here with over 100 Liches cleared, so there must be something fun about it for some of you. So I ask my fellow forum Tenno, why do you guys hunt Liches? Is it just for the rewards? There’s gotta be something more to it or people wouldn’t do 100+ of them. What am I missing out on?
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