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  1. Mostly stated they wish to release before Tennocon, no clue as to exactly when though.
  2. probably a bug since you didn't say the game was prompting you to buy a slot(which it does if you do not have a free Warframe slot), if you are the correct MR, best case would be to open a ticket with support to get help, though Support will take a while so be ready for that. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Good Luck dood!
  3. Glad to know you got your account back, just curious if you were using 2FA as well? Then again Hackers be hackers yah. All is well that ends well.
  4. Outside of issues with the trophies not working/bugged I would say any Deimos bounty lvl 30+ should have a chance, especially during Vome. Was doing the strip-mining endless mission and one would spawn nearly every 5 mins/2nd extractor or so. Could also do the extra vault quests since you might have a chance for the juggernaut segment could happen then just farm that mission as well. They do spawn if roaming but *very* rare, easier to try the other methods I think.
  5. Also I don't know where I saw it but 'apparently' one of the new requiem or parazon mods is supposed to call out your lich thus guaranteeing the your lich will spawn in the next mission. Still not a bad idea just think that when DE release the sisters they will forget about lichs and move on to new and 'exciting' things down the road. Sad since as you said having your lich or a super thrall occasionally show up in any star chart mission like stalker might be a nice way to farm your lich passively and remind you that it exists, since now it is literally walled off from the rest of the game.
  6. Me too, sadly my heart is heavy and my day is ruined 😪 Still knowing DE it might be the first week of July, will be surprised if next week/this week(depending when someone sees this.)
  7. The answer is no sadly, you can not undue/delete your new lich without going through the grind again. To get the weapon from the lich you would need to select the vanquish (a.k.a kill) option instead of convert. You can see what weapon you can get without making a lich if you approach but do not mercy kill the larvaling, for future reference. 1 positive is that you can sell the converted lich to someone else for some Platinum, if you can find a buyer that is. Sorry to hear about this, hope you take a break and (maybe) come back when you feel better about the whole thing.
  8. Ah yes the assets part was what Trib was talking about, that alone will be instant ban by all accounts.
  9. No pretty sure DE is NOT ok with that at all, An example from Triburos said it best I think, 6.45min mark to about 7.40 is the part I'm talking about. Also might be easier to ask support for a definitive answer if no one here can help.
  10. Oh yes, but if nothing is in your crosshair when casting it goes to you, I just think adding another step to helping/harming someone else might make the ability more clunky to use which might see the more niche parts of it being ignored in favor of the self buff by "many" of the players, especially since the issue can be avoided so easily. Still just my 2 pence, I'm sure if DE agree they would do it since I am most certainly *not* the arbiter of these things. 😄
  11. Well yeah it is part of the ability, you can just look straight up or down and cast it to avoid this, whilst most might not be casting it onto enemies I do not see the need to make that (particular) aspect of the ability harder to use when you can just back up+look straight down/up then cast.🤷‍♀️
  12. It probably is just some line of coding that checks what is equipped/needs to be equipped not 'seeing' them since they are a part of the frame and not a separate weapon. Apart from the MR tests I can not think of what else mandates having all 3 weapon slots filled though, but yes being able to change to them mid mission would be cool, but DE could not do that with the Dark-Split Sword so probably a limitation in the games code sadly.🤷‍♀️
  13. No sadly only not, even then you would still need to go out into OV to do the activities to have a chance to earn them, only solution I can think of is getting Xaku though Plat I think. Also Ticker does sell most of the bonds, you are just having *very* bad luck since I have seen Medical bonds in the last week myself, regardless I wish you luck in your hunt, sorry I don't have anything better to add.
  14. So long as no interaction between them DE doesn't seem to care about how many accounts you have, just make sure they never trade/be in the same clan/active at the same time. As to the main point, I would just stick with one till you do get the 75% reward instead of making many just to get the chance for the boost. The time you spent making/using the alts could have been spent making the 'main' account better in terms of MR, Mods, Weapons etc. Also while NOT guaranteed to work I have seen that 'more often than not' I seem to get discount login rewards if I haven't logged in a while (e.g. month+ ) still RNG but would rather have a main and wait for the drop than multiples to (eventually) get a strong start.
  15. Not anymore, it will just go from in dev to launch/launching "now". They said it was "terminology used was to confusing" to people so now it is a total guess as to when it might launch, good money on the end of June/ very early July before Tennocon.
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