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  1. Most likely, for me it took near 9 months to get revenant's neuro to drop, with many other long times to get the part I need. Only advice I can give is take sometime off/grind for something else. God knows I have burned myself out overgrinding for those elusive bits to many times. Still I wish you the best luck in your hunt, I do hope you get lucky sooner rather than later.
  2. Just personal observation so take it for what it is worth, but killing a pertrified enemy seems to have a chance to spawn loot when killed then again from the 'body' so possibly 2 times if I'm lucky. Never seen the pertify chunks get deso-ed though🤷‍♀️ honestly I just use the petrify&desecrate combo to attempt to get more rare drops instead of more loot outright and in that yes everything still works as it did.
  3. As far as I am aware it still stacks, haven't seen any drop off of loot from my playing, though the shards from Petrify never procced Desecrate even when the helminth was new.
  4. Yep all seem to always be available but the Element DOES change, the scythe was something like impact last time now its heat damage, so best to always check every few days to see what is there so you can curse your lack of holokeys😆
  5. 1. The amount of effects your using actually hides the issue in the clip, I play on the lowest effect setting(30 or so) and the 'animation' is clear and horrendous. It is clear there is only like 2 stages to the 'animation' 1. The kneeling entrance and 2. The standing finish point. The 'animation' is just the Primary weapon sliding from your back to your' hands and looks very sloppy in general. I would say there needs to be another stage or a break between actions so your weapon/frame gets its weapon ready only after it finishes the standing animation. As is feels like a place-holder animation left in because DE moved on and forgot about it.
  6. *most* everyone is saying its borked, so I'll go with that. Worth waiting a week or two and see if DE address the issue.
  7. Yes I agree, just think the one I responded to stating that DE changed there outlook on Cross Save/Play is somehow analogous to Mechs in normal missions is a bit far. Hope is the first step on the path of Disappointment after all, to be forewarned is to be forearmed after all. On topic, last I heard DE wasn't happy with mechs and level geometry in many tilesets, yet the new war (might) bring some refresh to some so we might eventually get mechs in all missions, but it is a theory and I am most certainly not hopeful that mechs will come to normal missions.
  8. All her blueprints drop from the ropalolyst, a boss fight on Jupiter, but only unlocks after quite a few later quests I'm afraid. You 'might' be able to get a taxi-carry for the fight, but I would wait until you can at least access the fight yourself and have an upgraded amp before you try, doods an annoying fight.😪
  9. Dood, its the video game industry, until they say otherwise its healthier for everyone to assume the answer is "no/not going to happen" no matter the question rather then believing otherwise just because they *eventually* did X, then it follows that they *must* do Y. Besides until they announce it I'm not 'wrong',(when/if) they do I WILL be and I will be quite happy to be proven wrong, since I want my stompy mech in normal missions.😁
  10. Seems to be an issue here on PSN. Add your voice here. No guarantee this will help of course, but you are not alone.
  11. Pressing F for my catalyst before the end of NW🤪 I'm 'hopeful' they will fix.🤕
  12. Of course, its all over all the chat channels, also some topics in the bug report forum as well What I mean, I'm 'sure' DE will fix, just not sure when.
  13. Honestly with the new war being a thing would be a good time to add them to regular missions, very thematic, just stop us from spawning them in assassination nodes(say there is some energy field blocking the teleport in or something). "But they would further trivialize the base content" True, but most frame and weapons can do the same, maybe make it an unlockable ability you get for completing the new quest. Still not going to happen, but I can dream and so I shall.🤪
  14. Sounds like OP is trying to get the invigoration for the frame they want, thus using all available invigs' to achieve that ASAP, personally would not see the problem in the long run, just means you current build plays a bit wonky for a time.🤷‍♀️ No need to min-max everything all the time in Warframe, but that's' just me.
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