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  1. Completing the initial Isolation Vault bounty permanently unlocks Arcana Bounties from Mother just outside the vaults. These are multi-stage bounties to clear out the vault zones from Infested, with similar tasks from the field bounties along with new ones.-Wiki the specific quests availability is on a timer, no way but to wait for the mission you want to spawn in the rotation, sorry.
  2. At the beginning of necramechs you needed to have a weapon part to rank up to get the main BP for Voidrig, that part was what was locked to MR 14 so DE changed it in one of the updates. For clarity.
  3. Honestly it can be anywhere from 3-5 days to 3-5 months, though your issue deals with money(from the sound of it) so I should think a week or two to hear something. Also I would not count weekends as time towards getting the answer. Still I wish you luck in your issue resolution.
  4. Happening on PS4 as well total luck if they start spawning whether going from fortuna/orbiter doesn't seem to make much difference. Checked in the same caves multiple times and many just have NO spawns most of the time.
  5. 👆This, Out of morbid curiosity I have been checking Ticker 2 or 3 times a day for about 2 months now and have had NO Familiar Debt drops, sample size of one with no proper checking but still bounties/PT FTW.
  6. Quite right ,At least the regular lets one get a feel for the Gorgon family thus letting him know for oneself if they want to seek out(or avoid) the (better) wraith or prisma variants ya? Still I have all 3 with full catalyst, forma etc, so I am quite biased towards the Gorgons 🥰
  7. As others may have said the Grakata is quite nice and MR 5(also can be made into a quite nice secondary the Twin Grakatas) and (grakata) has a prisma varient that is decent at later starchart lvls if you end up liking it. Karak/Boltor are also nice but a bit mastery fodder so might not be as nice as you would like. Also the Gorgon is a nice gun(but more of a LMG than assault rifle) that also has some nice varients for later use.
  8. I usually go to the capture nodes in the void for quick relic grabs, the 10-15 level one for a Lith and Ukko for either Neo or Meso, it varies. Axi's either the disruption on Lua or the Excavation on Pluto though they do take longer than I'd like.
  9. Not bad idea, but does seem to interfere with his healing abilities though. Personally I would like a mod that adds whatever the cast element is to his weapons' for a period like the other base element augment mods that are out there, feels more like it fits with his theme imo, basic and boring though it is.
  10. Xoris (and other Glavies) still working for me here in PS4 land, might be on your end? What TheWay said.☝️
  11. If the final skin looks half as good as the concept then yeah, I'll get it. So happy to have no mohawk theme with a good skin!
  12. Yes totally, I bought one and have to, you know, PLAY the game to get the XP/use out of my necramech. Aside from Railjack almost everything that can be used/played with can be purchased from day 1 of its existence, the fact that necramechs could not was either an oversite on DE's part or some planning that had not be obvious at the time. Also an anecdotal aside but since buying the necramech I have since actually be playing the ISO vault/Deimos update content since launch month and are now building the other mech from parts I grinded for, getting all the mods etc. Thus no a
  13. If the Op is referring to the sale that is going on the PSN Warframe store I believe the 50% only applies to CERTAIN packs, none of which are the Prime packs.
  14. Well the wiki says the mod can be bugged on Atlas staggering him like 90% of the time, maybe the bug has spread to other frames?
  15. Yep many are across most consoles from what I see, most are talking on reddit right now. Doesn't SEEM to be an actual issue, since I had it but kept playing and didn't lose any rewards or have anything happen to warframe/ my console, but it IS a bit worrying.
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