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  1. This Magnetize Bug is still not fixed. I have been experiencing this bug for a year now (since I first started playing).
  2. This Magnetize bug is still not fixed: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1252521-mags-magnetize-will-not-cast-on-enemies-that-are-recovering-from-ragdoll-effect-of-pull-and-crush/page/2/
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: There is a very short time window after an enemy is ragdolled by Mag's Pull and Crush ability and also the operator void dash where if I cast Magnetize, the casting sound will be played and the energy will be used, but the ability will not appear. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: To replicate the bug, cast Magnetize (Mag's 2nd ability) right before when the ragdoll animation from Crush (Mag's 4th ability) , pull (Mag's 1st ability) or operator Void dash is almost done. The time window where the bug could occur is very short so practice is needed in order to replicate this bug since it is quite hard to know the timing. This is especially true for Pull and operator Void dash since the duration of ragdoll animation induced by the said abilities to an enemy seems to vary. On the other hand, replicating this bug with Crush is a bit easier as demonstrated in the video, you just have to cast Magnetize right before the enemy falls to the ground. EXPECTED RESULT: The Magnetize field should appear once the ability is casted since a portion of the warframe's energy was expended during casting OBSERVED RESULT: The Magnetize field does not appear even if the casting sound and animation was played and the warframe's energy is expended when the said ability is casted right after an enemy is ragdolled by Pull, Crush or operator Void dash REPRODUCTION RATE: With enough practice on the timing of casting of Magnetize, this bug could be reproduce plenty of times and almost at will.
  4. Magnetize will very often not cast against enemies that were recently affected by Pull or Crush. In this video made by iFlynn: https://youtu.be/36sZZuqyECU?t=521, there are several instances where he used Crush and then Magnetize and but the Magnetize bubble failed to manifest. The time in the video where the said situation have happened is at 8:41, 8:55, 9:33, 10:35. 11:24, and 11:42. This does not only happen after casting Crush, it also happens after casting Pull. However, I don't have a video to prove that the bug also occurs after casting Pull. After experiencing this bug consistently for about 6 months, I think I have come to know when it happens. I think this bug, where Magnetize does not cast, happens if you cast the ability while the targeted enemy is recovering from the ragdoll effect of Crush and Pull. That is, after casting Pull or Crush and you cast Magnetize while the target is on the ground trying to get up, the Magnetize ability will not appear. Now I do not know exactly if my description of when it happens is accurate but what I am sure about is that this bug happens shortly after the enemies is ragdolled by Pull or Crush and not during the ragdoll animation caused by Pull or Crush. I hope this helps fix the issue. Thank you for reading.
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