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  1. changed it up a bit since i had time did this in like 10 min back then
  2. My idea is about eliminating the target but yea sure in capture it would be nice too. And this idea was more so that we have more stealth mission and especially more rewarding ones and because I like snipers (That's why the tileset is bigger and why I added the sniper warframe idea that someone else had.) (Its more rewarding since this mission gives alot more affinity and resources as stated i was thinking about 3-4x more (Only from enemy drops not sure though how much more they should give.)) I often heard about raids and that they were good but never played them myself so idk about t
  3. Today i bring to you some new mission types. 1. Target elimination (Lore: These are high position enemies the information about them you got from the captured targets.) This mission is a stealth type mission where you have to get to a specific enemy and kill them without being noticed if you are noticed you have about half a minute to get to the target to kill him. In this mission the tile set is alot bigger this mission is supposed to encourage more stealth usage but why would someone play this mission you may ask? Basically this mission gives alot more afinnity and resources (Especially
  4. are the buffs infinite scalling or will they have a limit?
  5. am i allowed to link this post in one of my ideas ? i maybe want to make a few new game modes and in some of them frames like these could be usefull
  6. yea they rly should rework the stealth system and or make a new game mode where if you are noticed you loose but to make it worth while give really good rewards for it
  7. This is more of a fun idea. Name: Chronos stats: (I'm not good with this so please give me some ideas.) lore: Since this warframe was one of the first warframes to be made he was unstable and lost in time but if someone where to be able to stabilize him they could easily crush the entire universe therefore every attempt at recovering this warframe was stopped up until now. Quest: To get the quest for this warframe you have to just play corpus mission he has a 2.5% chance of spawning in the mission when he does he starts attacking you when you get him pretty low he gets teleported away but
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