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  1. Hey y'all Titania Prime looks great! I'm working on relic hunting right now, and I don't think I've ground out warframe pieces with such vigor since original Titania was released!! I've been using original Titania to grind out the relics needed and I have come across some things I haven't noticed before. Some interesting Bugs? Choices? I only noticed during the condrix fight, so maybe it's only been happening since this event. 1. The dex pixia doesn't do status effects to the condrix at all. no corrosive, no viral, no slash etc. Critical hits still seem to work though. Unfortunately the dex pixia isn't a good crit weapon. Status is the only way to get any damage on these large things, I think it should be put in. 2. Increasing fire rate of dex pixia reduces damage per bullet by a significant amount. I've tested with arcane velocity and razor wing blitz both separately and together. I found that if I fired against the condrix and my damage was about 256raw per bullet at base attack speed, and then add my level 3 arcane velocity at 80% increase and razor wing blitz at 100% increase my damage will drop to around 158raw. I have no way of telling if I'm getting a 180% increase in speed, but I'm certain I'm getting a 50% reduction in damage. (Was easy since statuses didn't proc :p) Is this a known thing? I looked in the wiki and on youtube about fire rate and nothing like this ever came up. 3. I'm happy you've put the auto targeting dash for her diwata melee attack back in, it's so much fun! However now instead of targeting mid body, now you instead target their toes... Could we get a target about neck high? That way it will help avoid bumping into barricades and other low walls causing a stagger.
  2. Hey y'all. I don't usually post and I've been away from Warframe for a while, but when i heard that Titania was getting changes i was back in! i legitimately love this warframe (for real!) its why i play. I was reading through the patch notes for Titania, it never mentioned melee auto targeting (like archwings get) being disabled while in pixie mode. is this a bug or a misprint? i hope to see it returned, zipping around from enemy to enemy is super fun! also the auto targeting is necessary to hit anything with the sword when you use razor wing blitz, its just too fast. i also have request... While dashing from target to target with the sword in pixie mode, bumping into walls puts you into a spin where you can't attack, it's not fun. i don't mind spinning out while flying around that's my fault, but the auto target of the melee attack sometimes hits a barrier while going to the next target and she cant attack for 4 seconds. could you make it so when you attack it either doesn't happen at all or maybe equipping an increased recovery time mod could reduce this 4 seconds. I like the addition of blink! its fun and gets you out of trouble when you need it. one think i would like changed though, is forward dodge. it's no longer necessary with this new blink feature. it gets activated accidentally all the time. the forward dodge doesn't let you attack for 2 or 3 seconds. it's the slowest between all the dodges. it's just awkward every time it's used. last thing i wanted to ask, is a rewording of razor wing blitz mod. it doesn't mention a reduction in damage for every stack. its was a surprise to me when i was trying the scarlet spear event and the Condrix took less and less damage the faster and faster my attack rate rose. would like to know how much damage i'm loosing per stack of razor wing blitz. I want to emphasize how much i liked Titania before the changes. its was the warframe i took to every type of mission, and still do now! im posting today because i want to make sure that while you make these changes to make her a more appealing warframe to the rest of the players you don't take away what makes her so much for for the rest of us. please don't rework too much too fast. she was almost perfect to begin with!😊
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