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  1. noggles are um... breathing. almost every standard warframe noggle is currently breathing and playing its full idle animation. I don't know how new this is, since i'm only for the first time getting a noggle, but wow they sure are completely alive! preview almost any warframe noggle in the marketplace to watch it breathing and moving in full glory. geez this is a weird way to find out how noggles work, mechanically.
  2. hey! this exact same thing just happened to me! very similar circumstances, with the same outcome. it seems to happen after spending a long time in your necramech? i'm really not sure.
  3. this one's a doozy, I don't even know where to begin. I was playing bounties on the plains of eidolon and decided to switch into my necramech to play around with that a bit. I got the bounty step with the hacked drone, and followed it for about 500 meters before it was destroyed (i'm not good with necramech yet, sue me) although, before the drone was destroyed, I tried to use my healing dash. that didn't work on the drone (might also be a bug? whatever) and so I went to transfer into my wisp and... nothing happened. I repeatedly got the "can't use ability" sound. I eventually went back to my n
  4. The Manduka suit has really bad clipping issues with the legs. When the operator is standing totally still it can often get caught in their legs, and when in the battle stance in actual missions, it clips BADLY. It's really ugly and I'm sort of regretting spending the money on it.
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