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  1. Perhaps reach out to support? I don't know if they'll be able to do anything though. Also, I would refrain from actively naming them out like that because of the naming and shaming rule out here.
  2. Aye, You can never be too old nor too young to play! It's all about having a good time! Kudos to ya for playing with them!
  3. Heya! Welcome to Warframe! Well, a few tips I would suggest is to not be afraid to ask for help on things! There's a ton of vets who are willing to help lower ranked players to get the hang of things. Just take things bit by bit to understand because back when I first started everything seemed overwhelming to me and it was too much, but after a bit I slowly started to understand more and more. Your main objective right now is to clear your star chart (the planets) and your questlines. I also suggest learning how to bullet jump because that's literally the way we all move at this point (lol). A
  4. I can see why for the suspension, but then again you could've excluded the first word and you should've been somewhat alright. Just be careful on what you send because there are those peeps to try and get around kickbot. Try sending a support ticket and explain the situation so they fully understand it was a misunderstanding. (In the case that you didn't mean it like that)
  5. You can only receive twitch drops/prime gaming stuff on one single account, so if it was linked prior and rewards were claimed then you can't claim it on another account. If you need help logging in with your old account into the client, try and reach out to the support desk and send them a ticket. They might be able to help you get your other account. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  6. Alright. Not to come off in a negative manner, but why did you trade a whole nova set for just one blueprint? That should've been a red flag there. Not to mention that they were asking for Nova AND Frost. That's essentially overpay; At least coming from my thought. Unfortunately, I doubt DE support could really do anything in this situation, and it's highly risky to conduct multiple trade sessions for just one product.
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