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  1. index is bugged so that i can't leave without forfeiting if time runs out or if i get the required index points. DE please look into this
  2. i for one had to spend $25 because i would have, at this pace, never passed my mr6 test
  3. but to get one to put mods and sigils on you need to be mr11 for vodrig and mr14 for bonewidow
  4. but what about the people who can't pass their mr(insert test that people cant pass) test? then they will be doomed to not have one
  5. i think that tenno who don't have a necramech should get one they can color and customize and mod but can only be used in Operation: Orphix Venom. who agrees with me?
  6. actually i checked the wiki it said just have to finish it
  7. it is not bugged just like patient zero you should've gotten a jordas golem assassinate blueprint with which you need to get the nav coordinate and other materials to craft it
  8. wait how u know about focus u cant have done natah cuz ur not even mr1
  9. it makes 1.25-3.75% of the excess affinity earned from a level 30 frame/weapon depending on the lens so it needs to be level 30 to earn focus
  10. so my idea is in the apostasy prologue your operator struggles to but is able to void dash through the magnetic pulse and begs Lotus not to leave him/her, to which the Lotus replies, "don't worry, my darling. Everything is going to be alright." and gives the operator a kiss on the forehead and walks away. be honest. do you like my idea?
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