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  1. I'm liking the update so far. One idea I had for transferring from railjack to warframe mission is maybe these big corpus ships have new emergency defensive tech since the change in leadership. The capitol ship activates 'void' shields that slowly, once complete the ship is now isolated in the void. You have to dock the railjack for the boarding mission. This could add some elements to various missions: Replace defense with a hybrid of defection and hijack; you board, find the defense pod then escort it back to your docked railjack, then repeat like defection for endless m
  2. TYPE: [ In-Game] DESCRIPTION: Repeating the same corpus railjack node rewards identical nautilus piece from the derelict. REPRODUCTION: repeated the same node six times for 6x nautilus carapace EXPECTED RESULT: Expected the reward to vary somewhat. This seems like very unlikely RNG, and does not occur when doing different nodes. REPRODUCTION RATE: Tested at 100% reproduction rate in Neptune Proxima.
  3. Veil exterminate gives roughly 130k. Just a reminder that first daily mission double credit works in railjack missions, giving you 260k.
  4. Pretty sure the system just holds the highest discount you would normally get if you had regularly logged in.
  5. Tether+Volley is what I'm using right now. Volley also helps with killing shielded corpus crewships.
  6. Honestly I'm having a blast. Getting to fight around the cool new corpus ships, with objectives that are more then shoot this many things. The exterminate and volatile missions are great. The changes to Orphix makes the mode much faster and hectic. I like the new Talyn turret, has a spin up like the gorgon. I do feel the defense mission is a bit too static, I was thinking something more like hijack where you have to dock your railjack and steel cargo would fit better.
  7. I'll to see it in arsenal, how well it colour's etc. Doesn't look that bad imo.
  8. The pilot also has a fixed forward 'turret'.
  9. They said it would replace the arcane helmet in the drop table this week onward, not guarantee it in the store. It's not the wolf mask BTW, it's a new cosmetic.
  10. Oh man, I was keen on Gauss theme builds. What's with all the Necro threads? Anyway, Xoris for Tron theme?
  11. They should add Frame fighter and Wrymius to the Warframe App with loot. So you can play Warframe outside of Warfame. After fixing both games.
  12. At low levels you need every resource you can find, it's very annoying to miss the destroyed crewship location. The loot marker or similar destroyed marker should always appear. Maybe buff the amount of dropped resources. Also using Forge in mission; built items will sometimes disappear when going back to dojo, this would be nice to fix.
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