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  1. I always hated the bounce orbs because of how they would be used to create zones impassable for players. They had tremendous griefing potential which costed missions (totally loved failing 40 minute survivals because nobody could get to extraction because of the bounce door walls). As for Tesla Link... going by current Vauban design you would be stuck with only 4 that you can deploy which would greatly hamper it.
  2. Give it innate 5m punch through like the Lanka and make it so that you can fire it instantly for a small beam, or you can charge it up to drastically increase the size of the beam (and the amount of punch through). For those times when you really, really need to clear a hallway of every organic and inorganic entity between you and extraction. A linear death beam.
  3. Say that to my frost which not only freezes them completely but also reduces armor by a percentage allowing me to shoot them for even more damage. Sure, not nearly as long of a duration but when you got people who can melt them in no time then you really do not need that long of a duration. People complain about limbo because he forces them to completely change playstyle with the push of a button. Driving them to wasting ammo to break the projectile arrest and the ability entirely. Regardless of the intent of the Limbo player. Removing that projectile arrest would remove the m
  4. 1) Banish - Make it so Banish depends on the state of the target rather then the state of the Limbo. This way when I put down a cataclysm I can add sections of enemies for me and my allies to shoot at without having to leave my cataclysm to do that. Or remove a section of enemies I banished and stasis'd once the rest of the enemies were dealt with without having to enter the rift to do so. 2) Stasis - Remove the projectile arrest, while it does allow for some neat "magic" tricks it creates more anger and resentment then is needed. 3) Rift Surge - I feel this ability needs to be repla
  5. Personally I also want a "Colony Defense" mode, well I wanted it back when syndicates first came out and even more after playing Glast Gambit. I would not mind escorting a (or group of) Aegis into position to help hold off infested attack waves while going after secondary routes to seal them in order to force more infested to have to face the Aegis indomitably marching forward all guns blazing. Also DS spawn rates low? I get 5-6 every single day, sometimes I even get them every single mission. They just love to attack me. Also yeah, I agree it would be a better idea to have multiple
  6. Some nice ideas, here is mine for some alternatives: Steel Meridian: Colony Aegis (Can only appear on Open Air tilesets) An old proxy construct, one of the first models the Corpus built specifically for selling to the grineer long before the current conflicts. While the proxy model was abandoned due to it being large, slow, and for the most part lacking in maneuverablility the Steel Meridian unearthed, salvaged, and modernized these quadrupedal titans of steel. These machines are huge, equal in size to many mining machines, and covered in an array of small turrets mounting mul
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