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  1. 4 crafted forma + 10 nitain for a single aura forma ? I won't be crafting that any time soon :)))
  2. Hold your pants on 😂 It's not fixed. Just happened to me 5 minutes ago.😄
  3. That's true. I used to be in a moon clan. I left because the clan was dead. Even the founder didn't log in for more than 1 year.
  4. You are not alone. Fortuna was a big disappointment (at least for me) . Basically it's a Plains with a facelift. Fishing, mining, rank up the syndicate in order to access "things" . Vanilla ice cream will always be vanilla.. no matter how you serve it 🙂 So i play it a bit, just to have a clue about what's going on.. but i just won't repeat the Plains of the Eidolons experience.
  5. I see many people don't enjoy the "playing" of the game. It's almost like a "must do" Some, they totally don't accept playing 20 minutes in exchange of a silly reward. We supposed to play for fun.. but we don't. Fun, can be until you unlock the entire star chart. From there on, is all grind When i needed fieldron.. i had to run many boring repetitive missions just to have it, was no fun. I bet, wasn't fun for you either. And since we play for the reward, our goal is to get it as fast as we can, while DE insist on making the play longer, boring and dull, nerfing. Because from their perspective, it's not fun. It has to be fun for them.. not for you, the player. Why so ? Because the more frustrated you get farming... eventually you will give up and buy things. I don't say it's bad.. after all, it's a business , all about money. Many don't even play.. just trade. This is crazy..
  6. But this is the normal thing to do, i mean.. i apply forma then i need to level up right ? Few days ago someone told me the fastest place to level is onslaught.. so i forma, then went there. I don't see the problem.
  7. It's harmless for us, but it's harmless economically for DE. People are still buying boosters, you know...
  8. I must be the only one not knowing about the exploit ? :))) I went to check on YT, couldn't find anything. What was about ?
  9. Update as much as you wish, but for me.. this is just a copy of the Plains. looks different, but the core mechanics are the same. Choose bounties, go to the gate, enter the plain. Gain standings, craft kitguns instead of zaws.. same old, same old. I mean no disrespect , it's not easy task doing this. What i really mean: I was expecting to see something really new...
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