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  1. The Convoy idea reminds me exactly of Mad Max.
  2. I figured, too much to ask for from D.E. I suppose or not a profitable decision.
  3. Opinion TLDR; Capture missions except with K-Drives. Chase and hunt down your target on your K-Drive, bobbing and weaving through obstacles and enemies until you've managed to chase your target to the destination and eliminate them. Multiplayer races, tracks, maybe a relay dedicated to K-Drive racing. I got this idea the other day when I decided to check out the vent kids. I haven't used K-Drives much in open worlds because honestly, my mind was only focused on the and getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. After I reached a certain peak in warframe where grinding b
  4. I'm not sure which to buy after having terrible luck farming both. Any advice?
  5. My guy today I rolled my Zhuge riven and got -100% Criitical Damage
  6. How about we bring the tech to him? Like on Deimos you have to capture a weakened animal to turn it into a pet. Heck we even hack them and turn them against the enemy.
  7. Opinion I'm speaking of these beefy guys There's so much potential in these guys. So like companions from Deimos there's 3 parts required to build a companion. What if when you destroy an enemy Bursa you get a part that you repair and apply to your own Bursa? Like the weapons and the ability they can use. I don't know how OP or broken giving them the ability to have their weapons modded would be but it's a fun little idea. We can have offensive , support, defense, area control and much more. Maybe their main downside could be their mostly stationary and sentry-like.
  8. Today I got the one and only Ankyros Vexicon +166.3% Electricity +75.9% Damage to Grineer -1.5 Range At least in the process of unveiling this I learned that syndicate medallions were a thing
  9. I've heard people call the game brain dead, press 4 to win, too easy, lacking skill many times in game and in forum posts. Combined by the fact some players beg for difficulty. I havent been playing long, maybe close to a year. I havent been around that long so I assumed there was a time where warframe took some skill.
  10. I completely agree. This lines up perfectly with what I said about useless knowledge. So many things we can't use because D.E. is too worried about it being, "overpowered". I've also always wondered why they've never expanded on traps and environmental hazards in maps. It'd make for a more engaging experience.
  11. People sometimes say the game takes no skill and is brain dead. So I thought there was once a time it was mostly skill. I've only been playing the game for close to a year so I wasn't around for as long as some of you.
  12. Opinion I believe that warframe's 'skill' comes from the knowledge you gain from playing the game. Knowing how items/warframes/arcanes/pets/damage/ interact with the game is valuable. Knowledge and skill are essentially: There's a lot more knowledge than skill in warframe. With the countless items that keep getting added, it further adds complexity to the game's dynamics. In some way you can think of it like the Witcher 3 where preparation for a fight is equally as important than being able to dodge every attack or swing your sword. The game does of course take skill because there
  13. Just hit Rank 4 with Vox Solaris. I can finally start optimizing my eidolon hunts! What are the best amp combinations?
  14. You're not wrong. But my main point is it's harder to get to that point than it is to do well with a melee. Stances, the mods melee has and the status meta has generally made melee way more easier to get into than a primary and that is mostly true.
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