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  1. Opinion/Personal Observation TLDR; With so many conflicting views and arguments, is there something every player can generally agree on when it comes to core Waframe? There are so many vocal groups in the community that it's kind of hard to really gauge what the general community really wants or thinks about the game. We have veterans who want an endgame, veterans who don't want an endgame, people who call the game grindy, people who think the grind is justified, pessimists, optimists and people who are generally just cool with what direction the game goes. The most difficult aspec
  2. "They have a lot of depth and they keep the player engaged, active and there's a lot of room for optimization." Did you not read the post?
  3. You're right. Warframe's issues are so intertwined and deep rooted. It's like a huge bundle of tangled cords and cables. They keep plugging and adding without regarding the mess that keeps building up
  4. Opinion: This is just my opinion of course and you can disagree respectfully. If you've seen too many posts similar to this, save yourself the pain and move along. TLDR; To keep things short and precise, the current playstyle that a lot of missions enforce on a player are too similar or basic to be entertaining in my opinion. I feel like a lot of missions have put efficiency on the forefront and fun in the backburner on a low-heat. There's no balance between the two. The only mission/event that perfectly encapsulates these two concepts very well are Eidolons. It's no surprise that Ei
  5. I struggle to keep her alive in higher level missions.
  6. You'd be surprised how much of a difference a booster can make to a horrible grind for someone. I personally like to balance my fun and efficiency in this game so if there was a one day booster available and I only had 20p standing around I'd buy a 1 day booster.
  7. One that'll increase my chances of survival substantially and overall make me perform better in missions.
  8. Those were all rhetorical questions. What I'm saying is I would have never knew these weapons existed if I hadn't unveiled them. Those were all rhetorical questions. What I'm saying is I would have never knew these weapons existed if I hadn't unveiled them. Those were all rhetorical questions. What I'm saying is I would have never knew these weapons existed if I hadn't unveiled them. And here we have warframe players being unoriginal with their snarkiness
  9. What is a Korrudo? Where has this weapon been the entire time? What's a Kesheg? Kulstar? Convectrix????? Rivens are the only reason I have ever found out about these weapons. Forget the wiki, forget the in-game store. Rivens are the only way to learn. I suggest D.E. hides warframe mechanics and lore in riven unveils so people can learn random bits of info they never knew existed. Imagine unveiling some Komorex riven and you learn that you can roll out of Limbo's banish. Literal life changing information. And why do I only unveil weapons with K? Even got a Kronen riven some time ago.
  10. I'm not trying to devalue Vuban's is power. I just want giant tonnes of steel blasting enemies into oblivion, hence why I prefixed my little ramble with, "opinion". It's like you never read my post. I didn't say flechettes weren't turrents, it's just not the turrents I would like to see.
  11. I mean there's also interception and mobile defense but yeah I guess there's not enough room for it considering how fast paced warframe is. Maybe you can leave a machine in your railjack for extra protection?
  12. Ah fair enough. I was hoping if the machines deteriorated overtime or took damage that there would be some kind of management system in play but it's fair they'd want to avoid that sort of thing. Maybe the parts to repair the buildings drop from enemies so you're forced to still fight with your regular weapons and roam the map a bit.
  13. Opinion Enough with the balls. I wanna see big two ton machines and sentries being built in a mission and locking down an area. A warframe that is all about prep but leave them to their machines for long enough and they become a real threat to the enemy. It could work sorta like the Engineer from TF2 where everything is built and upgraded in levels. D.E.'s been producing unique and cool warframes recently so I don't think this is too far fetched. Whatever machines they build however is kinda up in the air because I don't know how overpowered they could potentially be with the right set of
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