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  1. Midway through a mission, when I experience a host migration, instead of sending me back into the mission it fails it instead and I get no rewards.
  2. Opinion No hate because they're trying to capture your attention. But I like how cinematic and epic they make the sister of Pavos look. Like I have a good feeling this wont be a struggle but a grind. You pop a couple of caps in her head and wash rinse repeat.
  3. Opinion/Personal Observation TLDR; With so many conflicting views and arguments, is there something every player can generally agree on when it comes to core Waframe? There are so many vocal groups in the community that it's kind of hard to really gauge what the general community really wants or thinks about the game. We have veterans who want an endgame, veterans who don't want an endgame, people who call the game grindy, people who think the grind is justified, pessimists, optimists and people who are generally just cool with what direction the game goes. The most difficult aspect of having such a diverse group of opinions is which one is valued most or what does everyone generally agree on when it comes to the fundamentals/core game? (Excluding bugs and fixes of course because that's a no brainer. EVERYONE welcomes bug fixes). Can anyone help me answer this? Disclaimer: I don't play this game or visit the community quite often anymore so if the answer is very obvious or blatant I apologize. I am very sorry if I am adding to a worn out and done to death discussion.
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