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  1. On 2020-08-26 at 1:55 AM, Chewarette said:

    I don't want to use your Necramech thing as I have Warframes which were perfectly able to kill Infested and we even defeated ... Orokins... who made Necramechs so they had them at the time.

    Yes! This is exactly how I felt when being forced to use the Necramech during the quest. Throughout the fight I was trying to see if I could hop out that thing and use my frame because it felt like more of a hindrance. Also felt weird being told the our frames weren’t good enough for the combat and that the Necramechs are kinda stronger when the game puts the idea in your head that your frame is strong.

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  2. On Saturday I decided to join a survival to farm Steel Essence with two other friends. About three hours into the survival we decided we wanted to see the enemy level cap, so we ended up staying 9 hours. We knew the outcome would most definitely result in a trade chat ban, so I’m not here to use this as a second ticket. The question I have is if anyone knows of anyone who has had it lifted by submitting a ticket. 

  3. A while ago I saw someone say, “This is a classic case of git gud” as a response to someone’s forum. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about this and it has caused me to question whether you actually need skill in Warframe. 

    I have never been too good at video games involving PvP like COD, so that has caused me to lean towards a game like Warframe with its PvE, grinding/looting format. I feel like literally anybody can play Warframe because no skill is required. All you need is time. 

    I’m saying the no skill is required because my idea of skill is centered around PvP, so I’m asking this mostly because I want see everyone’s idea of what skill is and get different perspectives. 


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  4. The only problem I have with leeches are the one that aren’t AFK. The ones that join your Cetus or Fortuna bounty then decide to fish or go mining. I understand that I am better off just soloing them, but sometimes I feel like it can be faster with others. This might not be much of an issue to others because Fortuna or Cetus bounties are probably dead when there is no NE challenge. I guess the only solution is to just report this. 

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