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  1. I wrote a extremely brief paper on this. Its a good read. Forgive its wack ass wording was not intended to go on a forum. I don't believe the devs want/have the time to invest in enemy AI, its a significantly more daunting task (months upon months of dev time) then just tweaking numbers (Weeks), and tweaking the numbers properly with a good well thought out design intention would take a hot minute and someone very willing to put their nose to the grind stone.
  2. Also SP is not an outlier for some of us, ever since I played this game I seeked to create infinitely scaling builds and fight enemies that functionally were SP enemies (pre-exponential enemy scaling), 5+ hours survivals are just what I enjoy, and the good part for me is when enemies get INSANELY tanky and hard to kill, and getting their gradually feels really #*!%ing good. Part of my point talking about weapons from a steel path perspective, is that you dont see DPS differences until you get there. Which means comparative DPS is meaningless. Its more a means of framing how EXTREME the dif
  3. I'd agree but your not in more danger being close, you are in less cuase you heal with your melee weapon using healing return. there is no reason to be even remotely afraid of melee range anymore its actually been the safest place to play the game for a VERY VERY long time. (life strike, then healing return, we also have new life strike, nikanas just get leech for free if you run daikyu in the primary slot cause who the #*!% even needs a primary anyways when going pure melee) I completely agree with your statement about ranged weapons not out damage melee, imo they should be on par, at lea
  4. On my trumna which I run with 12 firerate i have to throw on recoil reduction or its impossible to aim. Same with my grakata. Dont even have ammo problems is the funny bit cause it does enough damage that ammo != problem.
  5. Lining up with everyone else seems horrifically ineffective to be honest. Dont want to be buried beneath a slew of other random messages and posts, here I have my ideas in one thread where they can see all my thoughts and peoples critiques of only my thoughts in isolation. Much more valuable from my perspective in respect to my idea then a pool of convoluted and cross contaminating ideas. (collaboration is ideal but its best to come across an idea with a fresh perspective and then apply its good parts to another ideas good parts, but honestly that is their buisness to do as developers not mine
  6. primary weapons already suck and you are proposing that we give them more USELESS MODS that no one will slot and not fix the actual problem of the just not dealing enough damage. RELOADING IS PART OF THAT PROBLEM.
  7. Disagree, partially because buffs are supposed to make you very powerful, not just barely combat effective and this is true in most RPGs as well. The issue with buffs in warframe for primaries at the moment is they are not enough to for example sustain a survival using nothing but a primary / secondary. Its just not enough damage. Buffs OVERPOWER you, they dont make you barely good enough to squeak by which is what the current state is for primaries and secondaries, bringing melee to that level just makes it so now none of your gear is highly effective... and we have lost sight of DE's desi
  8. fair enough sorry for blasting you with a bunch of numbers in response. And this is how I rationalize it: Looking at their history of balance in this game with status and other various things, they clearly do not understand how to balance their game, and dont have a clear comprehensive balance plan of any kind. They are not unified underneath any goal, and have been reactively responding to things since the games conception. I would believe they had a plan and some kind of balance mantra they were working on, or at least some kind of understanding of what in their mind was balanced
  9. Part of the problem with viral is that it ignores the amount of damage a target is actually taking from it, and just boosts all other damage being dealt. Which is ludicrious, all status procs should be based off of the amount of damage being dealt to the target on the hit, and their effects played out as such. In other words the amount of damage dealt to a target by a hit determines the amount of effectiveness from that proc. That way you actually have to care about the thing you are hitting and what you are hitting it with. I.e. if I hit for 20% of a targets health (say 10% is maximum
  10. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Damage Corrosive gets +75% damage to ferrite armour, technically speaking if we are taking into account this being done on the same status weapon (i.e. both weapons are fully wound up from a status perspective) we can add about +1.5x damage multiplicatively due to armour shred (which is extremely generous) and would bring the damage up to about 112.5% or 2.125x damage. 90% of enemies with Ferrite Armour are going to have health pools obviously meaning that Viral is going to increase damage taken by 100% for the first proc, increasing by 25% for each su
  11. Love how when the devs reworked status they just were like HRM what if we made the combo that was OP BETTER (viral slash) and the combo that was worse (corrosive) WORSE. HRM. Like did they do the #*!%ing math that half enemy health = 2x damage, and their new version of viral was just 3x damage??? Ah yes, that'll balance the slash procs.
  12. Its actually a really good comparison given that the devs on warframe have stated on many occasions that they are all about player empowerment and that is literally one of the design pillars of Doom. And they do it while having extremely bull spongy monsters and a wide variety of weapons with very different functionalities. When it comes to player empowerment lots of concepts that the developers of doom used to make players not only feel, but be powerful and have a good play experience are extremely applicable to warframe. Also the reason it is directly related to a zaw is because I am tal
  13. whats funny about your comment is that is literally just any two handed sword zaw with exodia hunt; only the sword gets life steal, crowd control, knockdown, mag pull, 800% more damage for free, melee attack damage multipliers (different from combos), built in slash procs, and all that in #*!%ing AOE. It also has access to all the same damage buffs from frames. I do not think warframe should have infinite ammo, in doom you can run out of ammo, you just never have to load it into your gun. Maybe maximum ammo values would be changed to adjust for this, meaning trumna wouldnt have a 1400 ammo
  14. Oh dude I own the crap out of my decision. Its just a stupid choice that shouldnt be in the game because from a design perspective it only forces you to play melee if you are using specific pets, up to the point where they get oneshot then it doesnt matter, or you get staggered and then it also doesnt matter. So basically some pets invalidate themselves, whereas others never do. Its a player choice with no depth. Do you want to be annoyed constantly reviving a pet? or do you want to just play the game? (fun fact pre vacuum no one cared about pets or even used them or talked about them
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