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  1. you hurt me. no. genshin impacts reward systems run completely contradictory to warframes. this is a terrible idea. if warframe becomes like genshin impact with gacha game mechanics i will literally never play it again. rep caps are already gacha frustrating enough in that they meaninglessly extend grind. warframe has enough grind you want it time gated too? no. i dont need a game that is just another series of sticky notes for me to complete everyday because each sticky note is so limited in scope it forces me to work on other sticky notes. let warframe be warframe.
  2. I need more brrrt. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
  3. We need a minigun this S#&$ is so important. I mean minigun's are all "manly" and S#&$, and here we have a bunch of men singing disney to get one! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM US DE? How about this... if we get a minigun, as a thank you, i will post a video of me tap dancing to disney music?
  4. I have vile accel and shred on my braton. I have no ammo problems. I dont know what all your guy's issues are. But then again. Keep this thread positive, if you have nothing good to say dont say it, this is so DE doesnt feel like S#&$ about there buff, and will continue to buff it if they feel neccessary though it isnt. Honestly the status chance, coupled with crazy RoF has let me take down level 65 gunners in the void with ease. So.... I love this weapon. And if you doubt me... well come to a match with me. Every since i switched to this weapon after the buff, i have been doi
  5. Come on there has to be more love out there for our new Bratons! The beautiful sexy status beasts they are now :DDD
  6. Okay, so I am super done seeing all the people whining about the now AMAZING braton. Everyone who appreciates the buff, and enjoys the weapon. Please up vote this and post on this thread to show DE the appreciation they deserve for finally buffing our favorite weapon! Please Lets show them how happy we are about this. I mean god I am done seeing all the negative stuff, the Braton Prime is amazing now and I love it. Lets show DE that they did the right thing.
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