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  1. 2 minutes ago, Karixolu said:

    Well that's kind of S#&$ty. So because I didn't spend plat to rush it, it got hotfixed?

    Not necessarily, some of their latent genes dont show until you mature them for combat. And on top of that, some of them dont really get screwed up at all. I jettisoned 2 Kubrow/Kavats that came out normal. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Karixolu said:

    Wait a second. " Prevented Future Cross breeding ". Did they ALSO fix crossbred Kubrows, or Kavats that HADN'T been claimed yet? Because My kubrow was looking patchy, and glitched up when the egg developed, and it had a few hours today before being fully incubated. But logging in after the update went live, it made my cross breed normal again? Because it went from being a glitched up dog, to a normal cat.

    No i do not believe they did, those are going to be exclusive items for the players that earned them. 


    6 minutes ago, Aftcrest said:

    D'awww, they sound adorable. Pics please.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Aftcrest said:

    Did you have some already? Did they get fixed or removed, or what?

    We get to keep em! And I have 4. I have one that is perminantly asking for a high 5, aother that is vanta black and headless, a long snaky demon of the fifth realm with a 2 foot tongue, and another that is just really weird. cant describe it. beyond words. 

  4. true but they are the same weapon class, and the ignis is about 3 times its size, you would think logically that when it was buffed it would have been buffed better then other secondary flame throwers as it is the only flame thrower in the game.

  5. I'm confused why DE didn't actually buff the Ignis in the one area where it needed help: raw damage. No crit chance buff, no crit damage buff. Everything else is icing on the cake, with no cake. Are they afraid if it becoming remotely strong?



    You shouldn't have to crutch a weapon on a frame to make it usable.

    ^^ EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SAY, Thank you noble cactus for you are much more concise then I.​

  6. I have a 4 forma ignis, and i have tried 7 different builds, 2 emphasized on damage, and 4 on status and damage, so far they have all buckled when fighting level 30+ corrupted. I have used 2 builds that were hellfire ember accerlant builds with a max damage ember, and it was still doing less DPS then the atomos.

    all felt very underwhelmi​ng

  7. Everything about the buff was great. But it still has a very hard time killing lvl 30 enemies. And that is depressing, not becuase its not OP, but becuase to be truely mid teir you need to be able to kill mid level enemies, and that is level 30.

    There is only on​e thing that needs to happen for it to get there: give it a 20% crit chance, that way it has a 50% chance to crit. And deal double damage. This is just the right amount to make this gun go from mediocre, to great! please DE, consider this last push for the ignis, to make it mid to high tier.

    Another reason for it to ​be buffed is its a primary and the atomos is a secondary, and guess what, that atomos FAR outshines the ignis, even with the buff.

  8. DE:

    The Tenno have been asking about numerous weapons and when they will be fixed. For the most part the modifications required to fix them are ssimple. But they arent being fixed.

    Bo Prime in PvP.
    *Numerous others

    Also the stalker remains a whimp. I can kick his face in with an unranked frame and an Mk1 braton, when his is rank 35 that shouldnt happen. I should have to work for my kills.

  9. I can't tell if you're trying to troll or not, but Braton Prime and Synoid Gammacor have the same base status chance of 20%. Primaries get a max of +90% multishot, whereas secondaries get a max of +180% multishot, meaning Synoid Gammacor will be getting off an equally massive amount of procs. Also, it actually has base damage. Also also, Corrosive Projection?

    Braton gets on avarehe 15procs per second with vile. The synoid gets 1 maybe 2 because of the way continiusvweapons calculate proc. You get one chance to proc per second.

  10. When will we get our fix on continuous beam weapons?

    Seriously. They need to do damage per tick, they are beam weapons I.E constantly damage the target, moreover they need to have status applied to each and every damage number (Without nerfing current status chances). Beam weapons have become extremely illogical in relation to the way their damage is applied, It gives the enemies too much time to fight back, and allows for unrealistic enemy activity. And if it is too much to ask for damage to be applied per tick, then at least for the sake of all things holy and Warframe make Status Chance apply for each damage number.

  11. Only things I care about.

    RNG Status problem. It may not be RNG but it sure as hell feels like it when your using the Grakata.

    Braton Prime Buf%&^e.
    (Status boost, Damage boost, Another Damage boost. Crit boost. Some polarities.)

    Secondary waypoint button for direction of Nekroses shadow minions.

  12. I have never posted in a forum before and I have never done art on le computers. So forgive weird shading and such let’s just call that me using my Creative License eh? ;oP


    Anyways here are my weapon details and specs:

    Sorry for being way longer than 100.0 words DE Rebecca (I cant describe this weapon in 100 words) :o(


    Name: Odium (Definition: Intense Hatred)

    Faction: Tenno? (Believed to be created by a group of Tenno’s called the "Gearhart" (That’s their symbol on the handle ;o))

    Weapon Type/Grip Type: Dual Swords/Akimbo Pistols (spoil) (I will explain this after I explain the damage system which is very unique (And Awesome :o)), well I will explain how it would appear in the arsenal at least and such. Basic idea though is that when equipt it acts as both the Melee and the Secondary.) (/spoil)

    Description of blade mechanics and Projectiles: The blades of both the sword and the projectiles are made of Superheated semi-solid ether


    Adaptive Damage:

                So this weapon deals a special kind of damage called adaptive damage. Adaptive damage is similar to serration however it applies to both armor and shields. Meaning that if you attack an armored enemy it will deal maximum armor ignoring damage (in this case 75.0). If you attack a shielded enemy it will deal maximum damage. If you attack an enemy with both it will deal double damage however it will not be armor/shield ignoring. If you attack an enemy with neither armor nor shields basically an infested. Well... Let’s just say you would deal 0.0 adaptive damage but you would deal 40.0 slash damage (Note: this slash damage is never added to previous mentioned 150.0 or 75.0 damage values, it is completely ignored and not factored into attacks that hit Armored and shielded enemies).





    Melee Stats:


    Impact Damage: 75.0 (!Adaptive! Read below or above description if you forgot what "Adaptive Damage" is.)

    Puncture Damage: 75.0 (!Adaptive!"^should've read that bro^")

    Slash Damage: 40.0 (Not Adaptive meaning this is what you would deal to enemies with neither shields nor armor)

    Speed: 1.5 (Attacks per second)

    Crit Chance: 15%

    Crit Damage: 40% boost to your Adaptive Damage. (This can be modified I don’t know what would be an appropriate crit boost because honestly these babies are pretty bada** without it.)

    Spin/Sliding Attack: 225.0 (!Adaptive!) (No Splattering :o()

    Wall Attack: 175.0 (!Adaptive!)

    Jump Attack: 250.0 (!Adaptive!) (Hella Splattering Baby ;o))

    Jump attack description: Normal Dual Sword animation however the dual odium spew out the superheated semi-solid that makes up the blade dealing 250.0 fire damage to any enemy in the radius hit with splatters causes both stagger and confusion.

    Melee Charge Attack: 300.0 (!Adaptive!)

    Melee Charge Attack Description: Normal charge animation however when the charge is over your character spins on the ground from knee to knee traveling forward 5 meters while slashing swords as they spew both projectiles (until clip is empty) and the semi-solid in the blades.

    Charge Time: 2.75 Seconds.


    (Okay your probably wondering how the blade refills that semi solid ether well the ammo magazine that supply’s your Odium projectiles, also supply’s the superheated semi-solid ether.)



     The blocking on this weapon is rather interesting because while blocking the Odium will randomly discharge rounds the reason for this is explained with charge damage in the pistol damage section. (Basically you will use the same animation as when charging your weapon in pistol mode however it will not charge up the fancy shmancy pistol charge attack obviously :oP)

    More On Adaptive Damage:

    Alright so you probably read those damage stats (or actually didn’t and in that case should) and went "Awh hell naw this ain’t happening" well listen. Impact damage only applies when hitting shielded enemies and puncture only when hitting armored enemies. The reason for this is that the blades are semi solids so when they come in contact with a shield they "splatter" or spread out so to speak hitting the shield as much as possible and depleting as much energy as possible, therefore in that case they deal impact damage. However when the blades hit armor they burn through the armor puncturing the metal shielding and reaching the succulent flesh underneath. The idea is that this allows "Adaptive" Damage (Explained above though you guys might have skipped that too and this), Allowing you to be effective against both the Grineer and Corpus however the idea of the bad slash damage is so they aren't effect against the Infected. Because hey who wants a perfect weapon? piff not me.

    Pistol Stats:

    Impact Damage: 50.0 (!Adaptive! if you don’t know what that means by now. I honestly... Just no. Read the above. And by above I mean like way way way above.)

    Puncture Damage: 50.0 (!Adaptive!)

    Slash Damage: 35.0 (Not Adaptive)

    Accuracy: 100% (No Kick or anything just like the o'so'holy'Miter.)

    Fire rate: 2.0 (2 shots per second however because they are wielded as a pair it is actually 4 shots per second)

    Trigger Type: Charge (Yeah you gotta work to shoot four shots per second)

    Crit Chance: 10%

    Charge Damage/Attack: Alrighty so when you charge the odium your Warframe will start to spin the swords around his/her body creating an almost impenetrable sheild'o'swirlin'steel 'round dat frame and dealing Melee damage to those stupid enough to get close enough to make contact with the liquid ether of the Odium. Anyways, once charged the Odium will empty its clips/magazines at one enemy that you have in your sights and this will happen over the course of 2.0 seconds allowing you to (in theory) move your reticle around causing projectiles to hit other targets as well. The other bonus of this is that your projectiles get a 30% crit chance boost.

    Projectile Speed:  Almost identical to that of the Paris/Dread but slightly faster.

    Projectile Type: Discs (The discs are rather small, you can see them to scale in the Grineer Skin picture below, but they pact one hell of a punch because they have Liquid ether blades allowing them to have that adaptive damage I talked about. The Liquid ether also allow them to bounce 6 times though each time they lose 20% of their velocity and also lose 15% of their base damage. Another thing about them is they always go straight through armored targets because they burn through and they always bounce off shielded targets.)

    Arc: none. They fly like lovely little jet powered Frisbees; no altitude loss for these, once they get high, oh man do they fly.

    Clip Size: 60.0

    Noise: Completely Silent however the projectiles when the fire because they are spinning will cause a small AOE radius in the air around them that deals minute damage (base of 5-10) its dealt by liquid ether splatter. Basically it gives you a disadvantage when trying to stealth pick off enemies if they are close together. (Centrifugal Force Peeps; Physics 101)

    Reload time: 9.0 (During which time blades only deal non adaptive damage because your clip/magazine is no longer attached to your sword so your out of liquid ether.) 

    When you fire the projectiles, they travel down the main blade being guided by the secondary blade (You can see the ammo canister being all unattractive and circular next to the secondary blade)


    Grineer Skin For Odium:





    -MASSIVE RELOAD TIME 9.0 seconds. And they are useless as melee weapons during this time.

    -Horribly inefficient ammo economy, because as you sword fight you have a 15% chance of accidental projectile discharge, this can be considered an advantage but trust me its not these projectiles will only deal non adaptive Slash damage because they are not intentional.

    -Draws from the Sniper ammo pool rarest kind of ammo bro.

    -Terrible against infested because when your dealing with level 60s you really want high damage on your melee weapon but guess what. Its not adaptive for infested, youll almost be dead in the water, because we all know that primary weapons are not the way to go with infested.

    Other Animations:

    -So because the blades are a superheated semi-solid ether they drip ether onto the ground and splatter it when you run and move causing hissing noises and little piffs of smoke. (And with the Grineer Skin I mean Jegus (<--Homestuck anyone?) gah it would look like its drippin LAVA makes me want to squirm. GAH!)

    -When the projectiles or blades hit armor it causes stripes to appear on the armor or little holes where the projectiles punched through, and they glow because the armor is melting.

    When the projectiles or blades hit shields they splatter ether on the shield and cause the clothing beneath to smoke lightly because its burning/melting.

    -Sneak attack animations: the classic sword stab, you can use the "axe like" blades on the gun handle to smash the head in from both sides, or you can plunge both of the bottom blades through the enemies back allowing you to selectively throw the body at another enemy or over a ledge, but better yet you could use it as cover in a tricky situation. ;o) Grineer/Corpus body shields awh baby. Or if you’re not into that you can decapitate them using the wing like blades on near the ammo canister.

    Yeah that’s it I have more ideas but I imagine you guys would prefer it if I didn’t Clutter up your Forum :o) hahaha,


    - Joseph B*********

    Olivionic - Warlord of the Gearhart Clan 

    (The reason I am still a super low level is because my previous account was hacked :o( and I lost my beautiful Nekros and a Ton of Platinum so.. :o(( but don’t fear! I will splurge on this game very soon. very very soon. :o))

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