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  1. Same for me. Also on Switch. Only 2 storm clans available and neither trigger l NW completion.
  2. Hi. In trying to up my game a bit, I've been researching keyboard and mouse options for the Switch. I've landed on the Gamesir VX2 Aimswitch. It's a nice little wireless setup and functions well. A huge learning curve to move from controller for me (I never played PC games) but am excited to get more precise aiming options. Problem: when accessing the gear wheel... the keyboard buttons only move the cursor up, down, left right, or a combo of up, down, left, right.. moving the mouse doesn't control the HUD cursor as movements are mapped to the WASD keys... which means I can't access everything in the wheel! I can only access whatever he up, down, left, right keys take me to. Obviously a huge issue, needing to access a ton of things in my gear wheel. Question: Anyone else have a keyboard/mouse setup on Switch that works well... AND can freely access the gear wheel or any key map configs that fixed this issue?? thanks.
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