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  1. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

    Are you going to make anymore changes to the "Gun+Glaive" mode? Will the charged throw for Gun+Glaive be added to Glaive only melee? Will Glaive stance mods become part of Gun+Glaive?
  2. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Coming Soon: Final 2016 Devstream!

    When will Alad V coordinates be retired for the mutalist Alad V boss fight? Can weapons and frames that have been forma'd gain XP at a faster rate?
  3. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    PS4: The Silver Grove Update Status [Live Now!]

    Is this up to Silver Grove 1.3?
  4. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Specters of the Rail [+Hotfixes]

    The relic section of the codex isn't in our update. We have to wait for the Wiki page to be updated for now.
  5. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Specters of the Rail 17gb Remaster Update Download

    Are you sure that status bar isn't for the remaining data? My update slowed down a lot about halfway through, I paused and resumed and it showed 8GB remaining instead of 17GB. The status bar still reset.
  6. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Coming Soon: Devstream #79!

    Have you ever thought about reworking/introducing new affinity bonus objectives? (30 rifle kills, 10 melee kills, 10 stealth kills) Also some of these objectives can't be achieved because they do not fit the mission type. Getting 20 pistol kills in an Archwing mission for example.
  7. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Specters of the Rail 17gb Remaster Update Download

    That download timer isn't accurate.
  8. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Specters of the Rail 17gb Remaster Update Download

    Your ISP is throttling down your speed just to taunt you :)
  9. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Specters of the Rail 17gb Remaster Update Download

    Warframe is the only game I noticed that doesn't download updates automatically.
  10. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Warframe Prime Time #130: Tonight at 7pm ET!

  11. It's pretty sad when an argument like this makes this a " most popular" thread on the forum.
  12. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Coming Soon: Devstream #77!

    Can you make a 1 or 2 week time window for Stalker/G3/Harvester attack? I have had a death mark from the Gustrag 3 for several weeks I have done plenty of Grineer mission to try to get them to show up.
  13. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    Coming Soon: Devstream #76

    Will consoles get the mastery rank load out point changes before update 19?
  14. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    PS4: Rathuum (18.13) [+Hotfixes]

    If it took them another week to add the changes from 18.13.4, I would have rather had them do that than just submitting 18.13.
  15. (PS4)DontKnowMe

    More PS4 trophies coming in the future!

    Could one of them be a platinum?